They do not give for more

Barcelona did not go beyond the draw against Benfica in the Champions League, a meeting in which Xavi’s tried, but could not with the Portuguese.

Good Barça … insufficient

They emptied, they tried, but it was not possible. They do not give for more. They do not have a goal and they are not a big deal defending, and thus it is impossible to get ahead.

45 exciting minutes

Good first part of Xavi’s. Pressure, fast recovery in rival field and verticality without goal. Everything good except the definition before the rival goal.

Champions League (J5): Summary of Barcelona 0-0 Benfica

Araujo, 22 years old, veteran

Spectacular physical display of the Uruguayan who once again showed that, if injuries respect him, he will be the leader of the defense for many years.

DemPelé almost, but no

His entry into the field revolutionized the team to tilt the field towards Benfica’s goal. We will see how long it takes to get injured. The same old story.

Memphis Depay

From more to less, like the team. And as always, yese ran out of gas in the second half. He lacks a lot of goal to be the offensive reference of the team.

Unfortunate Champions

Mediocre squad to be a reference in the highest European competition. They do not deserve more than what they got. It is an agony of team and season.

They will not win in Munich

Whoever wants to fool himself into doing it, I will not do it. It’s more, I would be in favor of not showing up. They give you up 0-3 and so happy. It would be worse if they put 8 on you, right?

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