This Guedes should never leave Valencia

ANDl Valencia solved the game against him Atromites with a victory without major complications and, on the way, it served toe Bordalás would put the Valencia shirt back on Guedes, a mission that seemed impossible before the summer. The Portuguese international entered the match in the second half, with just one workout on the legs, but with a attitude that was not seen in more than one official match Last season. He had a prize in minute 70 when he scored a great goal after trying a shot with his left leg to pass from Cheryshev.

The Portuguese agitated the attack of Valencia, acting from the second point, a position from which he tried to surprise with some of your typical snatches. He also left some quality detail in combinations near the area. He was even over-generous when facing the goalkeeper and he chose to look for a back pass that he did not find a finisher. But it was in the 70th minute when he hit a left foot from inside the area that slipped through the goalkeeper’s left squad.

A Guedes like the one in this game should never leave Valencia. But long ago the club hung the ‘for sale’ sign on him. Sure that Bordalás could multiply benefits of the footballer and, thus, increase their value. But the last two in Valencia they have triggered suspicions on the most expensive signing in the history of Valencia. Of course, it is still the most destabilizing.

The game had been driven by the headlines in an excessively violent first half by the Greek team. Yunus Musah had to retire injured in the 40th minute after an unfortunate Bedinelli entrance, more like an Athenian derby than a friendly in the sports city.

The North American midfielder complained about his ankle and left the pitch with a limp it looked very bad. He had played a good game as a midfielder, with good combinations and arrivals in the area. Actually, the party I was on track at 20 minutes with an easy 2-0. Manu Vallejo appeared where he is expected and he opened the scoring at 12, finishing off only a good pass from Diego López at the far post. Later, it was Jason who surprised to put more distance with the left foot.

It seemed that Atromitos did not want a win to fall like the one at the weekend against Elche and the game hardened. Yunus’s injury was joined in the second half by Esquerdo, who injured himself only a few minutes after entering the field of play. Special mention deserved two stops by Mamardashvili, the Georgian goalkeeper who has signed Valencia for the reserve team, and who had minutes due to the injuries of Cillessen and Jaume Doménech.


Valencia, 3: Rivero; Thierry Correia, Diakhaby, Jorge Sáenz, Menargues; Jason, Guillamón, Yunus Musah (40 ‘Adri Gómez), Diego López; Vallejo and Sobrino. They also played: Mamardashvili; Paulista, Marc Ferris, Iranzo, Alberto Martí, Esquerdo (Jesús Vázquez), Fran Pérez, Cheryshev, Guedes.

Atromites, 0: Theodorakis, Vasilantonopoulos, Strongis, Chatziisaias; Athanasiou, Salomon, Kartalis, Pisano, Bedinelli; Muñiz and Koulouris. They also played. Klonaridis, Tzavidas, Kotsopoulos, Natsos, Daviotis, Kivrakidis and Trimmatis, Tomasevic and Ikonomidis.

Referee: Fuentes Molina (Valencian). Yellow cards to Bedinelli (37 ‘)

Goals. 1-0 12 ‘Manu Vallejo after a great assist from Diego López. 2-0. 20 ‘Jason, shoots with the left, from the front. 3-0. 70 ‘Guedes, wide shot with the left.

Incidents: Antonio Puchades Stadium (Sports City).Behind closed doors.

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