This is how Barcelona saved their accounts: 50% of Piqué, five operations … and they have left over!

“To parrot, we are not so bad”, as he said Laporta. What a good times! Anyway, let’s take the old woman’s account: How much has the salary Pique so that everything fits Barça? Not only does it suit him … he has a little left over! They have been able to enroll Eric Garcia already Memphis and they still had some staff margin left. Not enough to enroll Omen, per

or yes to facilitate it when



Jordi Alba

They consume their salary reduction and the club gets some more operation between now and August 31. Own


thus entered this mud: “There has been everything here because, as we have not made the mistake of accepting

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, because LaLiga is very


. And we can only do what we are doing: comply with the rule to the letter. “They are not official data, but we are not going to be too wrong. There are two factors that have saved the face of the Barça team:

five previous operations

and the

Piqué’s salary reduction of around 50%


Almost 40 million before Piqué





. Good and

to a lesser extent … None of these operations has been a show for the club but, together, all of them, between salary savings and transfer income add up to almost 40 million euros gross. These are not “franchise players” (a term used to qualify players with a very relevant salary, importance, impact and volume in the salary mass of the club) as

, so that of that amount the club can only use 25% to alleviate its salary emergencies:

10 million euros gross
. Not so bad.

‘San’ Piqué

He takes it with humor, like almost everything, but there would be many others, in his place, who would not have accepted it.

Gerard Piqué
charged (nobody gets angry, we are talking

a broad brush
, although it will not be very far from reality) about 38 million gross (about 19 net). He is a

franchise player
so of those 38, it has been reduced by 50% to about 19, and of that money they save (19 gross)

LaLiga allows them to use half
instead of 25%, like about 9.5 million euros, for salaries and staff costs. Well, in theory this rule was only for transfers, but since last season they have been allowing all clubs that type of savings to

franchise players
, also in salary reductions. Calculate, always following the

old woman’s account
, between 19 and 20 million for the salaries of

Eric Garcia

. Ok, and the one of

King Manaj
, which also adds up. although that is another league. Well … well, they have left over!

And what about Kun Agüero?


, which is not registered because he was injured and runs less hurry. And there it is, on the verge of getting it. With a little that they have left over from those almost 20 million that they have been scratching, and what they are going to make clear after finalizing the salary reductions of


Jordi Alba

Sergi Roberto
They have it very close at hand. In addition, the market remains open until August 31:



… Barça has players with a good poster (and a good record) to continue working on the reduction. Let’s not forget that you are still over the top and have to get up to speed before June 30, 2022.

The objective trick does not filter

“It is that the salaries of the players are low and what they charge, above all, goes for objectives.” Okay, okay, that argument is plausible (that’s the contract of other great Barcelona stars) but it depends on what those goals are. If you put that

He charges (I make it up) five million net but that, if they qualify for the Champions League, he takes two more … it does not strain. LaLiga counts that as

fixed salary
because Barcelona always qualify. Or that he scores five goals. Either. They have to be sensible targets, no

hidden salary
. Win a Champions League, a League, be Pichichi … yes. “At the moment we are working, the players have a fixed salary and some bonuses. All this is being rationalized. Some players like Piqué, in which the clearest thing was a reduction to be able to register other players, has allowed us to carry out this registration In the other cases, a postponement or reduction of the bonuses is being contemplated. A predisposition is being seen, and the idea is to continue restructuring everything “,

explained the president
blaugrana, the best he could.


Barcelona’s problem is the losses of 481 million declared in the 2020-21 season, which are added to those of 97.5 in the 19-20. They grip him before any movement they want to make and that forces them to cover with the salary limit this season and the next.

Laporta has spoken of a limit of 88 million euros: less than Atlético de Madrid and very far from the 347 million they had not so long ago
. In the good old days, before the pandemic, the club had more than 500 million of margin. In fact, if they add the 481 million losses to the 88 that Laporta says that LaLiga has given him as a template limit …

there you have what would be the salary cap of a normal Barcelona

There are 15 days until the market closes and there are still players with a good line-up and a good record on the Barcelona squad:



… They still need to save on salaries,


Super league
he will not arrive in time to save them. They can fix it, sure, but at the cost of heroics like those of

and the rest of the captains, and also a painful goodbye in addition to that of

(which does not count in this matter). Having the Camp Nou open to the public will help a lot, but there is a backpack that weighs 481 million because, above all, of the previous Board. In a season they will not be able to lift it, so they will have to familiarize themselves with the rule of 1 to 4, (or 1 to 2 if they are franchise players) for at least a couple of years.

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