This is how Valencia survives two years after Lim announced the end of the signings and the commitment to the quarry

Dsince two years ago, Valencia’s only ‘sports strategy’ is to sell players. And is the lack of sales what it gets like alibi for the absence of signings. President Anil Murthy he excused himself with Javi Funny a year ago for not having closed a single signing due to the impossibility of getting rid of Cillessen and Gameiro.

Now, history repeats itself with Bordalás on the bench, although the month what is missing for him market closure give some leeway before mounting the first fire in the club. Lack of level offers by Guedes (30 million say from within) the one that serves as a pretext to keep the registration chapter closed. It shouldn’t be a surprise than the rest of clubs make ridiculous offers by Valencia players, when they know that Valencia needs to sell. But it shouldn’t be a surprise either Peter Lim’s null bet on the entity of which it is the main shareholder.

Was the Aug 2, 2019 when Meriton hinted that investment in footballers had ended and that philosophy became the bet on young footballers. What happened that August 2? Peter Lim had threatened to strike Mateu Alemany, lined with Marcelino in the demand for signings to maintain the level of the team. The largest shareholder settled the matter with a Face-to-face meeting -what precovid times with its Valencia airlift-Singapore– and adI spy delayed: Marcelino lasted five weeks Y Alemany, three months.

That meeting 12,000 kilometers from Spain drew the peculiar master line of Valencia of the future -now already present-, although then, with a centennial team, Cup and Champions championIt was not easy to foresee it. It was in writing, in fact, that Lim is leading the project (as if he had not made it clear before) “with the aim of continuing to advance in the successful club growth who wants to continue competing among the best in the world of football, with a bet very firm by the young talented players trained at their Academy“According to the statement released by the club at the time.

Correia, last signing 700 days ago

Only a month later, Valencia attacked a surprising signing, forced by Cristiano’s serious injury Piccini. Peter Lim gave the go-ahead to release 12 million euros by Thierry Correia, a Portuguese Under 21 international right-back, with five games in the Sporting Lisbon first team and represented by Jorge Mendes.

In back of that crisis of 2019 there was much more than one demanding attitude of Marcelino that he felt strong after the Cup title. Lim did not like the accounting result that was made in the Neto-Cillessen barter or the decision without consulting get rid of Lato (It was transferred to PSV, without a buyback option) and that he stopped – and turned into an outright assignment – when the player was already in Eindhoven. That summer, yes he had given the approval of the signing of Maxi Gómez, with a note of 30 million euros effectively reduced to 14.5 by including the transfer of Santi Mina and transfer of Jorge Sáenz. But I wanted to curb the cost of staff by all means. The change of coach (Celades, former U21 coach I was going to bet on young people) and the pandemic sank Valencia in the classification. But Lim took advantage of the post-pandemic market contraction not only to continue without signing, but to sell players in a compulsive way.

Sell ​​above all

Since then, 700 days have passed and the club has been concerned almost exclusively with selling players. Equal (2.2 million), Coquelin (7 million), Kondogbia (12 millions), Ferran (23 million) and Rodrigo (30 million). Apart from Correia -very green at the time- the club has only incorporated players on loan. So it happened with Florenzi, in the winter market, and with the reinforcements of Álex Blanco, Toni Lato, Jason and Uros Racic who returned to the team after assignment. The gaps in the locker room, increased the chances of Academy players like Guillamón and Yunus Musah. But this summer, the club has only incorporated Omar alderete, loaned from Hertha Berlin, with a conditional purchase option. In fact, the Paraguayan international has not been able to be registered yet because he does not enter the financial fair play of the club.

In the absence of one month to close the market, the central defender is the only reinforcement (on loan) that Bordalás has, who has requested, at least, a defensive midfielder, a forward and a right back. The Valencia needs to sell one more summer. But if he does not, it is because u are reaching himNas ‘implantable’ offers. For now, the Alicante coach remains calm. Even if LaLiga begins in less than two weeks and the Valencia squad leaves much to be desired.

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