TOFAŞ – Darüşşafaka Tekfen match result: 101-89

In the 29th week of ING Basketball Super League, TOFAŞ Basketball Team beat Darüşşafaka Tekfen 101-89 after a comfortable game on its court.

Darüşşafaka Tekfen started the fight with an 8-0 series after Andrews and Jerrett’s points. Bursa representative, who entered the game with the points of Zubcic, was effective under the pot with Simmons and Berkan, and took the lead by 11-10. While the 5th minute was behind with the equality of 13-13, mutual numbers were seen in these sections. Achieving an outside shot hit with Akoon Purcell and Christon, TOFAŞ finished the period by 27-20.

At the beginning of the second period, the difference increased to double digits with Zubcic’s outside shot hit: 30-20. With Muhsin getting involved in the attack, TOFAŞ widened the difference and passed the 12th minute with a score advantage of 37-24. However, the Istanbul team, which recovered under the leadership of Jerrett, started to melt the difference with a 10-0 series. While the remaining moments witnessed a head-to-head struggle, the circuit was made with the host’s advantage of 50-48.

Finding rhythm from the first moments on the return, TOFAŞ carried the difference back to double digits with the numbers of Simmons and Berk: 58-48. In this episode, although the Istanbul representative wanted to be a partner in the game with the baskets of Jerrett and Magette, the Zubcic-Simmons duo did not allow this at TOFAŞ. The Bursa team, which plays with a high percentage especially in outer shots; Berkan finished the period 81-61 ahead with three points by Akoon Purcell and Phillip.

Continuing its offensive effectiveness in the last period of the struggle where tension increased from time to time, TOFAŞ increased the difference to 23: 86-63. Darüşşafaka Tekfen, trying to resist with Andrews, reduced the difference to 10 in the 37th minute: 95-85. While entering the last 2 minutes of the match with TOFAŞ superiority of 96-87, the host, who hardened his defense, did not give his opponent a chance to melt the difference. TOFAŞ won the difficult appointment 101-89.

Following this result, TOFAŞ Basketball Team took its 18th victory in the league and maintained its 4th place in the regular season before the last week. Darüşşafaka Tekfen got its 13th loss in the league.

LIVING ROOM: Nilüfer TOFAŞ Sports Hall

REFEREES: Erşan Kartal, Semih Vural, Polat Parlak

TOFAŞ: Tomislav Zubcic 21, Berkan Durmaz 13, Berk Uğurlu 9, Jeremy Simmons 13, Tarik Phillip 14, De Vaughn Akoon Purcell 19, Muhsin Yaşar 7, Semaj Christon 5, Alihan Demir

DARUSSAFAKA TEKFEN: Joshua Magette 5, Berk Demir 2, Andrew Andrews 21, Jarmar Gulley 6, Grant Jerrett 18, Ryan Luther 14, Erkan Versizloğlu 4, Eray Akyüz 6, Doğuş Özdemiroğlu 1, Troy Selim Şav 10, Sinan Güler 2, Emircan Koşut

1 PERIOD: 27-20

CIRCUIT: 50-48

3 PERIOD: 81-61


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