TOFAŞ – Gaziantep Basketball game result: 84-72


In the 26th week of the Basketball Super League, TOFAŞ won its third consecutive win by beating Empera Halı Gaziantep Basketball 84-72 at its court.

Starting the fight with the points of Berk and Berkan, TOFAŞ was ahead 16-10 in the 5th minute by widening the gap in a short time with its under the pot superiority. The guest team, which resisted with the points of Marko Tomas, brought the score to 18-14; The Bursa team, which also contributed to the score from foreigners in the remaining sections, finished the first period by 27-21.

Although there were mutual numbers in the second period, TOFAŞ increased the gears in the 14th minute and carried the difference to double digits: 36-26. Finding a rhythm with Zubcic’s outside shot hit and Berkan’s dunk basket, the Bursa team pulled the score to 41-28. Bursa team kept the difference in the remaining sections and went to the dressing room 49-36 ahead.

After the first half, which was quite scorer, the teams focused on their defense in the third period. Bursa representative, who found the tourniquet baskets with Phillip and Zubcic, increased the difference to 15 in the 23rd minute: 56-41. Following the mutual points of both teams in this section, TOFAŞ, continuing its score advantage, started the final period 62-50 superior.

Relieved with the successive numbers of Akoon Purcell, TOFAŞ continued its offensive productivity with Berk and Christon. After Alihan’s layup, the difference increased to 21 points in the 33rd minute: 73-52. Despite the resistance from Gaziantep representative in this part, TOFAŞ, continuing its score advantage, won the match 84-72.

Following this result, Bursa team achieved its 16th victory in the league; Gaziantep Basketball took its 13th defeat.

HALL: Nilüfer TOFAŞ Sports Hall

REFEREES: Aytuğ Ekti, Zafer Yılmaz, Kaan Büyükçil

TOFAŞ: Tomislav Zubcic 13, Berkan Durmaz 7, Berk Uğurlu 14, Jeremy Simmons 10, Tarik Phillip 9, De Vaughn Akoon Purcell 11, Semaj Christon 8, Alihan Demir 4, Muhsin Yaşar 8

EMPERA CARPET GAZİANTEP BASKETBALL: Rashard Kelly 15, Mouhammadou Jaiteh 15, Kenneth Hayes 13, Marko Tomas 7, Can Uğur Öğüt 9, Alp Karahan 3, İsmail Cem Ulusoy 4, Orhan Aydın Hacıyeva 2, Muhammed Doğan Şenli 4





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