Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, the best couple in the history of the Super Bowl

SIt only took a touchdown pass from Brady to Gronkowski so that they automatically became the couple with most TDs materialized in playoff history and to equal the lethal duo Joe Montana-Jerry Rice in the Super Bowls, as the pair with the most touchdowns.

This happened in the first quarter, which seemed unlikely because of how the defenses were submitting the quarterbacks of both teams, but also because Brady had never passed for TD in a Super Bowl in a first quarter in his previous nine appearances.

But the fact is that, as they have been doing for years, since their days in the Patriots, TB12 and Gronk met each other for the fourth time in a Super Bowl and for the 13th time in the playoffs. Then, in the second quarter, the quarterback passed Gronkowski again for him to score after 17 yards: 14th in postseason and 5th in Super Bowl.

Gronk, for his part, is alongside Rice the only player with multiple touchdown receptions in Super Bowls.

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