Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers set for another Super Bowl run in 2021?

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Tom Brady returns for his 22nd season in the NFL at age 44, armed with a seventh Super Bowl ring; Watch his Tampa Bay Pirates host the Dallas Cowboys in the first leg of the 2021 NFL season – live on Sky Sports NFL from 1.20 am Friday.

This is the start of a new NFL season. Thursday night, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, and things look very different from the last time we were there in the LV Super Bowl seven months ago.

Covid is still here, and despite the best efforts of some teams to vaccinate game personnel, it will undoubtedly be a factor in 2021. “With the exception of The Rock and Queen Elizabeth II, the fans’ comeback is great.

In addition, this year the numbers have changed; runners, receivers, midfielders and defenders can now wear any number from 1 to 49.

You will have DeShawn Jackson at number 1, with another widespread Robert Woods at number 2, and safe Jordan Fuller at number 4 and defender Jalen Ramsey at number 5. And this is only for the Rams, not to mention the confusion that will reign in adding 31 more teams.

You now have Matthew Stafford, who is now a quarterback in Los Angeles, after an offseason blockbuster from Detroit. Duck Prescott returned from injury for Dallas, as did Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow and Carolina’s Christian McCaffrey, where he will team up with former Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. Meanwhile Carson Wentz had moved from Philadelphia to Indianapolis.

The Saints Without Drew Breeze Enter the Age of Eating Jamis Winston in New Orleans; Ryan Fitzpatrick Other a new team that will return to Washington this season. Julio Jones is now Titan, A.J. Green and J.J. Watt are Cardinals now, and Cam Newton doesn’t even have a team destroyed by the Patriots.

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. And Tom Brady became Super Bowl Champion again!

Brady won his seventh ring in 2020, his first season in Tampa Bay, when the Bucs intimidated Kansas City executives to win 31-9 in the LV Super Bowl. And he’s back in 2021, now at the old age of 44, and with Tampa bringing back all 22 of its Super Bowl competitors.

While the Chiefs’ title win over the San Francisco 49ers the year before seemed to usher in a new era, the creation of a new dynasty, Brady proved once again that this is still his league.

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