Tom Brady apologized to Tyrann Mathieu after his Super Bowl scuffle

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ANDAmong all the images that stood out from the Super Bowl final, there were some, during the game, that reflected the tension on the field starring Tom Brady and Tyrann Mathieu. Because at various points in the game both players exchanged unfriendly words that, however, must stay on the court, as Brady later assured on his social networks.

The 43-year-old Buccaneers quarterback, who just won his 10th Super Bowl, addressed Mathier at the meeting and He said “I’m going to get you”. After the final, Mathieu published a message on his social networks where he pointed out that Brady addressed him in a way that he would not repeat. “He called me in a way that I will not repeat but I will not allow the press to punish me as if I had done or said something. Look at my previous games against Brady, I just showed him respect,” he explained.

However, both players have ruled out that it was racist comments. And, in fact, Mathieu deleted that tweet. Both Brady and the Chiefs player downplayed the words they exchanged during the match. “Tom Brady is a great quarterback. I’ve never seen this side of Tom Brady, to be honest,” Mathieu said.

Brady also sent a text message to his rival where he apologized for the argument. Furthermore, Tom called Mathieu an “incredible leader”.

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