Tom Brady continues to write sports history after winning his seventh Super Bowl

Tampa Bay Buccaneers has passed over Kansas city chiefs, to those who have beaten 31-9, with a Tom brady exalted, relying on outstanding Rob Gronkowski and Leonard Fournette in attack, and in a defense that embittered the young successor Patrick Mahomes over and over again, as it did with Brees and Rodgers before. Between one quarterback and another there was no color, but a Brady with time to think is lethal. Those from Florida cemented their triumph in the first half and finished it off in the third quarter, to then have a pleasant last act.

TB12 is already along with Peyton Manning the only starting QB who has won the Vince Lombardi with two different franchises, and he has done it in his first year in the Bucs, without having had a preseason and coming from the wild card. By the way, Brady is the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl in three decades, in this case his seventh, and it is not only that he enlarges his legend, but that the debate arises as to whether he is the best athlete of all time because he even won his fifth Super Bowl MVP. His leadership for so many years invites at least to consider it. Has more rings than any NFL team and has led his current franchise to its second title. Has there been an equal guide in any sport?

The game started very tepid. The two teams were unable to materialize their first possessions; defenses won the game. Mahomes showed on Chiefs’ first drive that he was going to have to run a lot in the first half. Like Brady, he was unable to profit from his attack. In the second drive of Tampa there was an interception to TB12, and again the Bucs wasted a possession fast. But the point is, Kansas City was just as thick at the start as its rivals. With Mahomes constantly forced to raceAfter two missed passes, his team had to shoot sticks and with a field goal Chiefs opened the scoring: 0-3.

But at last the Bucs and Brady got loose. Tom connected well with Antonio Brown and finished the drive finding his inseparable Gronkowski, who he had only searched twice in all the playoffs: 7-3 The most incredible thing is that TB12 got his first touchdown in a first quarter in a Super Bowl. He was able to cross it off his list of obligations, but incidentally added a new record: Brady-Gronkowksi’s thirteenth TD in the playoffs, that is, the best duo in postseason history.

The first quarter ended and Chiefs failed again in his possession early in the second. Tampa was right again, and brought the ball almost to the end zone. The touchdown was called, but miraculously Kansas saved the situation after referee review of the play. Despite all the Missouri team was unknown and the ball in their attack ended up in the hands of Buccaneers. There was a key moment, with Tampa going to a field goal and scoring for 10-3, but there was a penalty on the play and it was canceled. Suddenly Florida had a play … and Brady found Gronkowksi again for a touchdown (14th of both in playoffs): 14-3.

Before the break again the Bucs defense subdued Mahomes, and Chiefs turned to field goal: 14-6. Just over a minute to go and Tampa went for it. Two penalties (interference) against Chiefs and Brady was already at the gates to give another touchdown pass, which now went to Antonio Brown: 21-6 (and 15 points from Gronko). Absolutely everything seemed out of whack on Andy Reid’s team.

The second half couldn’t have started any worse for Chiefs. Again they could only get to get a field goal: 21-9. The mental – and physical pressure from the rival – for Chiefs was tremendous and Tampa, with Brady as the true leader, connected with Fournette to continue crushing the Kansas defense, unknown: 28-9. This was not enough, and there was an interception of Mahomes to finish sinking the defending champions. This time the team that played in their stadium could not achieve the TD and was left with the stick shot: 31-9.

The fourth quarter was full of comings and goings, but with the Chiefs increasingly out of the game as they were unable to score a touchdown. An interception in the absence of a minute and a half ended with the minimal hopes of Mahomes and his team.

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