Toquero: “The police are investigating what happened in the AFE elections”


Gaizka Toquero and AFEUnidos do not end the electoral process of the AFE, which is being prosecuted and under police investigation

David Aganzo has already been proclaimed president of the AFE, but the elections seem not to have ended, at least for Gaizka Toquero, the other candidate for the presidential chair. “We have lived through a process with many irregularities from day one. I did not want to believe it, because I did not think that anyone could come to this, but the sad reality is that it has been. During the campaign, for example, they sent delegates from AFE to campaign for Aganzo in the changing rooms. Aganzo himself, making use of his position and position, visited changing rooms giving away shoes paid for with AFE money, trying to influence the votes of the footballers, it is more than evident that no The candidate should have used AFE resources during the campaign, “he tells MARCA.

Do you think there has not been a clean process in the AFE elections?
The Electoral Commission has not remained impartial. All the elected members have a commercial or labor relationship with AFE hired by David Aganzo, we cannot forget that in addition to being a candidate, he has been the General Director of AFE throughout the electoral process, something really regrettable. It is obvious that the Electoral Commission has not been fair in this process.
On what basis do you say that the Commission was not impartial?
In the meeting held on April 5 since our candidacy in order to guarantee a transparent electoral process, we requested the possibility of the presence of a notary, refusing to do so, as well as that there be alternate auditors to facilitate an agile and transparent process. They even tried that the members chosen by lottery before a notary to be part of the Electoral Table did not attend it, this point is of great importance since those maneuvers tried to control the table is that the one that had to make the decision about the validity of the vows.
Maneuvers of the Electoral Commission to place an Electoral Table that favors one of the parties?
The Commission told us, as established by the AFE regulations, that the members who had been chosen by lottery before a notary public to form the Electoral Board had expressly resigned and that their resignations were in their power, in writing. Something that was totally false and that the affected ones themselves made him ugly on election day. What they wanted was for the polling station to be trained by AFE workers, who could be pressured, as happened with one of the polling station members and a current AFE worker. And it is that we do not say it only we. Even the members of the polling station in their minutes have referred to the pressure from the Commission itself both in the constitution of the polling station, as well as in the verification of the votes by mail and throughout the counting.
What do you think of the role of the polling station?
The polling station has been subjected throughout the process to pressure of all kinds from the Electoral Commission, the auditor of Aganzo’s candidacy, Tello, and the secretary of the polling station, Medinilla (a worker controlled by Aganzo). This even caused anxiety attacks to one of the members of the table and ended with the expulsion of the controller of Aganzo. But he had the courage to, regardless of the pressure they had to suffer, draw up a scrutiny report in which all the irregularities of the process appear.
Can you explain all the irregularities your candidacy has seen?
They tried that the members of the table did not attend, claiming a communication that they really did not make. They cut the right to vote by mail on the 31st when you could legally vote until the 6th (by giving instructions to the post offices). The postal ballots did not go directly to the notary, the notary received boxes full of votes days later. On April 9, the boxes were without custody of the notary for more than 20 minutes in the garage of the AFE offices. The act reflects that there are 12 double votes, something that in any electoral process would be unthinkable and would be cause for invalidity without any doubt. The act reflects 55 voters who are not on the vote-by-mail census. How can that be? There are innumerable names of voters whose data does not correspond to the census data provided by the commission. At no time have we had access to a copy of the census, when legally it corresponds to us
Was there security in the custody of the mail ballot boxes?
On the day of the in-person voting, April 9, when the notary transferred the votes to AFE, for more than 20 minutes the boxes with the votes were left without notarial custody in the AFE parking lot. It is recognized by the Electoral Commission itself. The votes remained, alone, there. With Movilla, Aganzo and Rivas and other employees related to Aganzo hanging around the door and inside the parking lot, without letting members of our candidacy pass to supervise the boxes. Could someone change the votes in those boxes? Why did the notary leave the boxes without notifying the Electoral Table to guard the votes?
They are serious accusations …
Any one of them is enough to cancel the whole process. Clearly there were duplicate votes, that is, two envelopes in the name of the same footballer. We have spoken with some of these footballers and they deny having voted twice. So how did those ‘extra’ votes get there?
And the electoral roll?
When the deadline for applying to vote by mail closed, the secretary of the Commission told us that there were 5,666 voters by mail. Then, to the Electoral Table, they gave a census with many fewer voters. The census is the bible of all voting. Know who can vote and who cannot. Who and why did the census change? And that’s not to mention the fact that votes came from footballers who were not even registered in the electoral roll. If I have not asked to vote by mail, how can the ballot arrive at my home? Moreover, if I am not interested in voting, do I get the ballot and vote? Very rare…
Can you prove it?
When we learned everything that was happening, we went to the police to file a complaint during the count. They have opened a police investigation to try to clarify these facts. In addition, we challenge the process to the Electoral Commission, but we have already seen that transparency and impartiality do not interest anything in this process.
What measures do you request now? At what point are they?
Now, all these tests, we have put them in the hands of Justice. And it will be a judge, together with the police investigation, who decides. What we ask for is a transparent and fair electoral process. Some of the irregularities that we report are very serious and constitute possible crimes.
It seems that AFE does not leave the courts.
It is a pity that David Aganzo and his board of directors are staining the soccer players’ union in that way. On June 4, it seems that Aganzo and Gonzalo Medinilla will have to declare as defendants for the purchase of an official. For a long time from Futbolistas Unidos, they have been warning of everything that was going to happen, and even so Aganzo continues to deny it. It is incomprehensible. We also know that Diego Rivas has been accused of perjury by another union. I do not know what motivates them to be involved in so many shady things, but, of course, what I do know is that since our candidacy we are not going to allow them to continue destroying AFE and using it for their own benefit as if it were their farmhouse.
Aganzo said that he did not know how to lose and that he had not congratulated him …
I have not congratulated him because the process has not ended, it is an open process with a judicial investigation. Throughout my career I have lost many times and I have congratulated the opponent when we have played with the same rules and the same cards, something that has not happened now. Acts have their consequences.
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