“Toquero’s candidacy is ‘making a Trump’ to blow up the elections”

Sources of Aganzo’s candidacy accuse his rivals of forcing the situation, lying in their statement and “even accusing Correos” for “blowing up the elections.”

TO While waiting for the controversial vote count to resume in the AFE presidential elections, both candidates continue to accuse each other of obstructing the process. The latest statement from the team Gaizka toquero It has caused great indignation among its rivals, who explain their version of what happened to MARCA.

“Given the favorable result, once almost half of the votes were counted, the candidacy of Toquero It has been “made a Trump” with the aim of slowing down first and then bursting an election that is seriously damaging AFE’s image, “they say.

Following the statements in Cope de Jesule, a member of Toquero’s candidacy and controller in the electoral process, in which he explained the harsh conditions of the vote count, David’s team Aganzo He wanted to clarify what happened: “it was he who voluntarily decided to stay the night by distrusting the security measures imposed by the Electoral Commission. This attitude forced our auditor to have to stay in exactly the same conditions as him. This candidacy is not responsible for the conditions in which the two auditors have been, but if we understand that the room was logically not prepared to spend the night there since security during rest hours was guaranteed “.

They announce that they will study the possible legal measures that they can take and denounce the bizarre situations that they are living now, once the vote count is favoring them in a majority way: “both the stoppage of the count and the slowdown of the process has caused by the schedules imposed by the polling station. Regarding the false irregularities that they denounce in the vote by mail, they are carried out precisely when approximately half of the scrutiny has already been carried out and, according to our auditor, the candidacy of Aganzo was widely exceeding that of Toquero and not when the postal vote was reviewed. They have even accused an institution like Correos, a company with undeniable prestige, “they point out to MARCA.

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