Trippier’s passport after Brexit won’t be a problem


The entry into force of Brexit opens a scenario in the non-EU which, in the case of Atlético, affects Kieran Trippier. The Englishman, who came to the Metropolitan as community, should continue with that condition as has happened since, in the middle of last season, the departure of the British from the European Union came into force.

A reality that was resolved by expanding the condition of community members thanks to agreement between AFE, LaLiga and the Federation (circular number 50) and that, they hope at Atlético, will remain that way for the players who arrived before the application of Brexit. Another thing is that the British footballers who arrive from now on would occupy a non-EU position.

Would fill the quota

Trippier’s condition is not trivial since the rojiblancos already have Lodi and Felipe as non-EU members. If Trippier were included, those of the Metropolitan would be left without a place to sign players who did not have a European Union passport.

All this situation comes at the moment when a possible departure of Trippier from the entity sounds the most. The rojiblancos have no intention of selling a player who has two more years left on his contract, but who is looking for a salary increase after his first two courses at Atlético that refers to the termination clause if the full-back wants to return to play in the Premier.

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