Türk Telekom aims to be successful in both Super League and ULEB European Cup

Hamdi Ateş, Press Spokesperson for Türk Telekom Sports Club, one of the Basketball Super League teams, stated that they want to achieve successful results as the only team representing the capital Ankara in the Super League this season, “We will go to the matches to win the cup both in the league and in Europe.” said.

Türk Telekom Sports Club Press Spokesperson Hamdi Ateş evaluated the new season’s activities to AA correspondent.

Expressing that Türk Telekom Basketball Team had a successful pre-season camp, Ateş stated that they were pleased with the team’s struggle in the Yalçın Efe Tournament.

Stating that they faced the important teams of the league before the season, Ateş said, “This season, we will compete in the ULEB European Cup and ING Basketball Super League. We want to achieve successful results as the only team representing the capital Ankara in the Super League this season. Both in the league and in Europe.” We will go to the games to win the trophy.” used the phrases.

“Ankara away will be tough for the teams”

Ateş emphasized that the new season transfers consist of experienced names who know the league and continued as follows:

“We have added Can Uğur Öğüt, who came from Türk Telekom’s infrastructure, Dorukhan Engindeniz, and Berk Demir, who are important players that Turkish basketball has trained recently. We have signed contracts with foreign players who know the Basketball Super League, have played in our league and also have European experience. We are pleased with the team harmony. “We have built a talented team. Ankara away will be tough for the teams.”

Reminding that Türk Telekom restructured its infrastructure and switched to the academy model in order to train new players for Turkish basketball last season, Ateş expressed that the performances of the young players who left the infrastructure in their pre-season studies were promising.

Informing that they want to develop the talents of the players and bring them to a certain level, Ateş said, “We are also working to make more use of the infrastructure in the coming years. We are focusing on the young players. We follow them from their nutrition to their training and ensure that they complete their development.” said.

“Yalçın Efe is an important asset for Ankara basketball”

Türk Telekom Sports Club Press Spokesperson Ateş emphasized that they completed their pre-season work with the Yalçın Efe Basketball Tournament and said:

“Yalçın Efe has served Turkish basketball for many years. Yalçın Efe is an unforgettable value for both Türk Telekom and Turkish basketball. As our national basketball referee, he worked for Turkish basketball for years. After his refereeing career, he has been a part of the Türk Telekom family for many years as an administrative manager. “At the same time, as Ankara Provincial Basketball Representative, he took part in basketball until the last moment, and he always carried the aim of making young generations love basketball. We will ensure that the name of Yalçın Efe is not forgotten by continuing our tournament that we held on this occasion for many years.”

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