Turkish Basketball Federation President Hidayet Türkoğlu: Youth League is an organization we care about


The excitement of Garanti BBVA Basketball Youth League was completed with the final matches. Turkish Basketball Federation President Hidayet Türkoğlu, who made a statement to the AA correspondent about the organization, said that the Garanti BBVA Basketball Youth League, which they have been organizing since 2017 and which they have held in the girls category for the first time this year, is an organization they care about.

Turkish Basketball Federation President Hidayet Türkoğlu stated that there is a lot to be said about the league and said, “Youth league is an organization that we really care about and that we do by adding to it every day.” said.

Pointing out that they organized the organization in the girls category for the first time this year, Türkoğlu said, “Even though we organize a limited number of events in a limited time due to the pandemic process, our aim is to support the infrastructure, our youth in some way, and to ensure their development in basketball. In this sense, our clubs will benefit from their cooperation with us. We can’t thank you enough for this. After all, even though we undertake and do these organizations, we are in good cooperation with them. Everyone leaves here satisfied. We can’t thank everyone who supported us and was with us in this process. We will continue to work to get it to the ground.” he said.

Reminding that although the pandemic conditions limited them to do certain things, they somehow found the opportunity and organized the organization in different places and in different ways with sponsors and supporters, Türkoğlu said, “Even though the pandemic process has affected the whole country, we, as federation managers, are people who believe that we should take responsibility. With our clubs, “As a result of our consultations with our athletes, we both put health at the forefront and created a process in which we optimize opportunities. In terms of girls, maybe 10 teams could participate this year, but it will be an incentive for the coming years. The number of teams will increase.” made its assessment.

Noting that the organization will become more enjoyable after the epidemic process has passed, Türkoğlu said, “We thank all our clubs for their understanding and acting with us. I hope we will organize more entertaining organizations in the coming years, where the audience will be here.” used the phrases.

Explaining that they have lowered the average age of the Garanti BBVA Basketball Youth League in the new season, Türkoğlu said:

“This type of organization is very meaningful for our promising young brothers who have not had a chance in their team. They are aware that playing matches here will add value to them. We will continue to organize such events as much as possible. They will always be our future. And if we can make a match, we will have the opportunity to see their development better in terms of basketball.”

Baras: “Great matches were played in the final stage”

Garanti BBVA Sponsorship Manager Ali Baras, on the other hand, stated that they have supported basketball for 20 years and said, “It was a difficult year. Garanti BBVA has supported basketball for 20 years. In the pandemic year, we crowned it with the youth league. Before coming to the final, pre-tour matches were played with various fancy organizations. It was a very difficult organization, we would like to thank our federation for it. Great matches were played in the final stage. We are proud of this as an institution that has been involved in basketball for 20 years.” he said.

Explaining that sponsorship should not be viewed only as a National Team, Baras continued as follows:

“We are also supporters of infrastructure national teams. As Garanti BBVA, 12 giant man basketball schools are also among our priorities to love basketball outside the three big cities, to spread it more widely, to introduce children to basketball and to love sports, and to take this discipline. After the failure of 12 Giant Men Schools It was an opportunity for us to focus more seriously on the youth league. Thanks to this, we came here with organizations that make the youth league more professional, similar to the tournaments played by the older brothers and sisters in the A team.”

Stating that it is also important for them to support women’s basketball, Baras said, “It is very important for us to be a part of women’s basketball. We will be happy for all of us and the players if there is a youth away league. The tree bends when it is wet. It is a pleasure to catch these children when they are young and see them as elite athletes.” made its assessment.

Noting that the calendar in the summer period is full, Baras said, “Besides the struggle of the national teams, the Wheelchair Men’s National Team is going to the Olympics. I hope our 12 giant men will achieve the Olympic success. Our girls have the European Championship. We are thinking about the coming years and making much longer plans.” he said.

Emphasizing that they also see the interest in the Garanti BBVA Basketball Youth League, Baras said, “We see the interest and interest in the previous years. It is a source of happiness for us that these matches reach more people through TV and internet broadcasts.” he concluded his speech.

Fenerbahce in boys and BOTAŞ in girls became champions

A total of 10 fan events were held in the 2020-2021 season of the Garanti BBVA Basketball Youth League, which took place during the pandemic period.

During the fanus matches, 2 thousand 370 people were accommodated during the season, while 202 referees, table referees and 222 officials took responsibility.

20 teams and 340 basketball players in the men’s category, 10 teams and 178 basketball players in the girls’ category participated in the organization.

Basketball players sweated in a total of 138 games, 124 in the regular season and 14 in the play-offs.

Garanti BBVA Basketball Youth League concluded with the final matches at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall.

Fenerbahçe became the champion by beating TOFAŞ 81-80 in the men’s final matches where there was great contention.

In the girls category, which was held for the first time this season, BOTAŞ defeated Çankaya University 54-53 and became the champion.


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