Turkish Cup quarter-finals pairings in basketball have been announced

Quarter-final draw of Bitci Turkey Cup was held at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall. Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) Deputy Chairman Ömer Onan, TBF managers and representatives of the teams that will compete in the Bitci Turkey Cup took part in the draw.

TBF Deputy Chairman Ömer Onan, who made the opening speech, said that the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League plays high-enjoyment matches and said, “Although our clubs had difficulties in applying the financial criteria at first, both sides stood behind it. Now our clubs scrutinize when making a budget. Before there were financial criteria, players were being transferred and then our teams had difficulties in paying. But at the point we have reached today, fierce matches are being played. I would also like to congratulate our general managers. I give an example from ancient times; all general managers just made the contracts. Now, the general manager of each team monitors the players they will add to the squad next year and places the right pieces in the team. In this way, our teams gain serious gains. A thank you to our referees in the matches that ended in the last ball… In 90% of the whistles played at the end of the match, the right decisions are made. It’s a team game. We get good results when we all put our hands under the stone. The excitement in the league will continue in the cup. I wish everyone success. All matches to be played in the cup will be broadcast live on TRT Spor.

Özgün Önver, Director of TBF Men’s Leagues, in his speech said, “Completing the first half of the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League, in the top 8 places; Fenerbahçe Beko, Türk Telekom, Pınar Karşıyaka, Anadolu Efes, Frutti Extra Bursaspor, Bahçeşehir College, Darüşşafaka and Galatasaray Nef will play the matches, whose hosts are determined by drawing lots, over a single match on February 14-15. After these matches, the final four-final organization will be held on February 17-19, hosted by Konya. Bitci Turkey Cup organization will be held in Konya, chosen as the capital of sports, and will add color to the city. I believe these encounters will be very enjoyable. I wish success to all our teams who were among us by taking the first 8 places as a result of the first half competitions in the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League and qualified to compete in the Bitci Turkey Cup.

The pairings resulting from the drawing of lots are as follows:

Quarterfinal Matchups

Frutti Extra Bursaspor – Fenerbahce Beko

Galatasaray Nef – Turk Telekom

Pinar Karsiyaka – Darüşşafaka

Bahçeşehir College – Anadolu Efes

Final Four Matches

(Frutti Extra Bursaspor – Fenerbahçe Beko) Winner (Bahçeşehir College – Anadolu Efes)

(Galatasaray Nef – Türk Telekom) Winner (Pınar Karşıyaka – Darüşşafaka)


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