Two games of sanction to Maxi Gómez for saying “the shell of your mother” to the referee

The Competition Committee applies article 117 regarding attitudes of contempt to the referees

Maxi Gomez you will miss the dThe next league matches after the Competition Committee has communicated the sanction that it imposes after the Red card that he saw in the last meeting in front of the Real society.

The Valencia forward was sent off with a direct red card in the 78th minute of the match against Real Sociedad. He was first admonished with yellow card for Pizarro Gómez, after a lack in the dispute of a ball with Ander Guevara in the field of the Real. The Valencia footballer protested ostensiblyea Pizarro Gómez that, then he showed the direct red card.

The Madrid referee later reflected in the minutes the reason why he had sent off the Valencia forward: “Address me in the following terms as a sign of contempt: your mother’s shell. ‘

The Committee of Competition communicates that he has applied andl Article 117 of the RFEF Discipline Code which expressly refers to “attitudes of contempt or disregard towards referees, managers or sports authorities” and which establishes a sanction “two to three games or for a period of up to a month “as long as the action does not constitute a more serious offense which did not seem so in this case.

Javi grace will lose Maxi for the sanction against the Betis and Osasuna and it remains to be seen if the coach will also apply any sports decision for the unnecessary card of his player thatIt cost the team to stay in inferiority at a time when Valencia was looking for the third goal to complete the comeback. “It is an action that we must avoid”, the Valencia coach lamented after the game. “We cannot in a match situation like this have a sent off, we are not for those luxuries. We will talk to him in the future, “he explained.

Second expulsion in Spain

It was about the second expulsion of Maxi Gómez since he arrived at LaLiga Spanish. The first was with the Celta, February 9, 2019, in a match against him Getafe. Maxi was sent off in the 37th minute of the match for a double yellow. The two were followed and for the same reason: address the referee “clapping your hands in disagreement” with one of your decisions. Then, both for the gesture described and for the fact of having been sent off with a double yellow, heThe sanction stayed in a game.

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