UEFA, that demon who is to blame for everything

Lto Eurocup ends at Wembley on Sunday evening, in what has been the most complicated tournament to organize in the modern history of soccer on the continent. Platini had the ‘great’ idea of ​​dividing the Eurocup into twelve countries. Seven years ago, many applauded the format for that of the false European Union, but the reality was different. The ‘perverse’ Aleksander Ceferin he found a model that he did not want, that he did not like, but that had to accept. There was no other.

The UEFA president has recognized that it is a system that he does not like, What is it unfair for the normal development of the competition and that the essence of the tournament for the fans has been lost. But it cannot be done. It was a poisoned inheritance and was accepted as such.

The UEFA has fought against all Covid 19 and against everyone (politicians and journalists who live with their backs to reality mainly), so that the Eurocup get ahead. First it gave space to the clubs, then it allowed the venues to give up shaping the tournament, giving up Dublin and Bilbao (Someday the politicians of the great city of Biscay will tell the truth of the resignation) and it has adapted to what each government in each country said for the circulation of fans. UEFA does not make the laws of each country.

These days, the highest body of world football has been singled out for not wanting to participate in a political dispute and go to its springs to sanction Hungary for the discriminatory altercations that occurred in the matches played in Budapest, curiously, a city that many have claimed as the best venue for the final phase of the tournament, for not helping England on the way of ‘its end, but already regardless of the LGTBI persecution. Curious.

But I save the best for last. Seven years ago the Superliga was already a reality and that is why UEFA decided to place it in London the final for reward the collaborative attitude of the government of Johnson in order to bring down the Super League project. Future vision. By the way, Ceferin and his henchmen are also to blame that Sterling will betray the philosophy of fair play so fashionable in the islands, the one that says that no English player dives to deceive the referee. They have even reached accuse UEFA that the VAR did not enter into that play when it cannot!

The actual UEFA has shaped, how could you, to a tournament with eleven venues (something absurd and that breaks the philosophy of the Euro) and with a enemy that managed to stop the world. Let’s not forget it.

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