Ufuk Sarıca: We have achieved another first


Pınar Karşıyaka Head Coach Ufuk Sarıca evaluated their semi-finals in the FIBA ​​Champions League. Sarica said, “I think we deserve the semifinals because of the game we put forward since the beginning of the season as a team.”

Ufuk Sarıca, the head coach of Pınar Karşıyaka, who won the semi-finals by defeating the Czech team ERA Nymburk in the FIBA ​​Basketball Champions League, stated that they deserved the semi-final due to their performance since the beginning of the season.

Sarica said in a statement that they corrected it in the second half despite having great difficulties in rebounds in the first half and that the rebounds affected the win of the match.

Noting that they performed well in defense, Sarıca said:

“Our opponent’s attacking capacity was very high. We kept our opponent 73 points, who played with 90 points average. We pushed them very hard and got what we wanted. I am very happy that we won. We were a little nervous and lost a lot of turnovers in the first half. We also increased our accuracy in the second half in the 3-point baskets we played with a percentage. Even though we made very simple mistakes sometimes, we never stopped the match. From now on, we will consider the semi-final fight. “

Stating that they will play the semifinals for the first time in the FIBA ​​Champions League as a team, Sarıca said, “We have achieved another first. As a team, I think we deserve the semi-final because of the game we put forward since the beginning of the season. I congratulate all my team, good luck to all our fans and our community.” said.

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