Ufuk Sarıca: We trust and believe in ourselves


Pınar Karşıyaka’s head coach Ufuk Sarıca said, “We are confident in ourselves and we believe we will do our best tomorrow.” said.

In his speech at the press conference held before the final match, Ufuk Sarıca said that tomorrow’s rivals are the last team to win the cup and that they will compete with a strong team with depth.

Stating that they played well in the last two games, Sarıca said:

“We are confident in ourselves and we believe we will do the best tomorrow. I trust my players, everyone trusts each other very much. This is very important, we love to play together. All players know what I want. We played well in the first 2 games, I hope we will play well together again tomorrow.”

Sarica stated that the energy of both teams is high, “We need to be especially good in defense tomorrow and stop them.” he spoke.

Noting that a difficult season was played due to Kovid-19 and that they encountered Kovid-19 cases in two separate periods in this process, Sarıca continued his words as follows:

“We had to choose some matches in the Turkish league because of our own situation in the 4-5 games we lost in the league. Before the Brindisi match, we played with our youth team against Fenerbahçe. There was no delay there. In some matches we had to play like that in order to protect our players and come here healthy. it turned out how correct the decisions were. ” said.

Noting that he won the championship with Anadolu Efes as a player, Sarıca noted that tomorrow’s final match is important for Turkish basketball. Reminding that they lost in the final of the EuroChallenge Cup last year, the FIBA ​​European Cup, where they reached the semi-finals last year, was canceled due to Kovid-19, said:

“In this third, I hope I will win the trophy as a coach. We will win together. I think we deserve it. I compare our current team to the team that we won in the Basketball Super League. We preserved that team for 2-3 years and made additions. I work with very good players as a character. They may make mistakes, but their hearts on the field and their brave stance on the field are the player and team model I have always wanted. “

Tony Taylor: “We play by trusting each other”

Pınar Karşıyakalı basketball player Tony Taylor stated that they are ready for the final and said, “We play with confidence on each other. It will be difficult to play against our opponent, but we have to play with the same hardness throughout the match. We must play for the coach, for the club. We are very excited and ready for the game.” found the assessment.

Noting that they are a complete family, Taylor said, “Everyone shares their feelings. It doesn’t matter who plays first and who later. I am happy to be a part of this team.” said.

Stating that they played without their fans due to Kovid-19, Taylor said, “We have an incredible fan. They give us great energy and emotion.” he spoke.


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