Ufuk Sarıca: We want to be the party to the semi-finals


Pınar Karşıyaka’s head coach Ufuk Sarıca, who will face Türk Telekom on the road tomorrow in the second match of the ING Basketball Super League play-off quarterfinals, said, “We want to beat Türk Telekom and reach the semi-finals.” said.

In his statement, Pınar Karşıyaka’s head coach Ufuk Sarıca reminded that they played 5 matches in the last 9 days with the final matches of FIBA ​​Champions League 8. Stating that Yunus Sonsırma was unable to play in the first match of the series in which they beat Türk Telekom 82-79 yesterday, they could not give much time to Amath M’Baye, who was injured, and said that David John Kennedy and Sek Henry wore the uniform despite the problem with their fingers.

Stating that they started the match unsteadily and fell behind in the score, Sarıca said:

“There was an artificial difference that appeared. We turned to two tall, eliminated the advantage they had established for us with Wiltjer and took control of the game. Later, our opponent caught us again, but the important thing was to win. I congratulate all my players who fought superhuman. We have to win another match. Türk Telekom. We want to be the party to beat the semi-finals. “

The second match of the play-off quarter-final series between Türk Telekom and Pınar Karşıyaka will be played at Ankara Sports Hall tomorrow at 16:00. (AA)

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