Umtiti, without forgiveness

Samuel Umtiti he’s gotten used to seeing himself on the list of transferable players. The French central chain several market periods in which his name appears as one of the footballers of whom the Barça wants to detach. Until now, he had refused, at all, to leave the Camp Nou and had managed to stay in the Catalan team. But Barcelona These days he has made it clear that he will no longer continue: he has planted himself. You must leave. Neither Ronald Koeman not even the club consider him necessary: ​​he hardly plays, due to injuries and poor form, and is among the eight highest paid footballers in the locker room.

Umtiti, who is working hard in the gym this vacation, is living his last weeks as a Barça player. That is, at least, what they keep in the culés offices. At Barça, they have transferred him that he will not continue. It does not matter if he insists that he has a contract until June 2023 and that he believes that he will save the situation as in previous market windows. In the Camp Nou, they have said enough: in a stage in which they go through economic hardships they consider an unnecessary luxury to have a footballer who connects seasons without hardly participating and who, in addition, is among the best paid in the dressing room. They appreciate your services, but have made it very clear that you must find a team. The institution’s technicians, who trust that they will rethink their position of not moving from the Barcelona, they are also looking for a way out. Where it has the most market is in France.

Umtiti, with MARCA: “My dream is to play football; my knee is perfect”


In the offices, in addition, they believe that they will be able to enter a few million for him, they paid 25 to Olympique de Lyon in the summer of 2016, and they flatly rule out that they are going to give him the freedom letter. The situation of the Barca coffers does not allow the entity to be so generous despite the need to get rid of its file. They estimate that they could pocket between 5 and 10.

Samuel Umtiti has no place in the Barça because, in addition, it occupies a position that the entity wants to restructure and rejuvenate. The Catalan institution has already signed Eric Garcia and wants to incorporate another central, also projection. The intention of the club is to get rid of Umtiti and de Lenglet and adapt the contract of Gerard Piqué.

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