Unai López will have several options to choose a destination in the First Division


ANDl template setting that Marcelino wants fully affects Unai López, which is one of the players at the starting gate. The midfielder, who has a contract until 2022, is the footballer with the most poster of all those who are looking for a destination. The Guipuzcoan will play in the First Division and there are already several clubs that have been interested in their situation.

Unai López, who was the protagonist in the last promotion of Rayo (39 games and 3 goals in the 2017-18 season), and also has a past on loan at Leganés, will not rush out. Athletic and the footballer will have to agree on the conditions, although the club will have to open their hand because it is the one that has put you on the market. It will cost that their new team pay transfer, so clauses will be agreed for performance, future sales or even a buyback option.

Pay to get out

The adequacy of the workforce will have a cost in budgets and in the club they know that they will have to spend If you want to get to the start of the preseason with the number of players from the first team that Marcelino has proposed. The sung release of chips in the first team favors the position of potential buyers or applicants to be assigned, which will squeeze in the negotiation. Athletic will have a difficult time reaching July 7, the date on which the first training session of the preseason will be held, with the maximum of 23 chips (plus the team’s players) that the coach would like.

Ibaigane has not quantified what will it cost to release the chips -Everything will depend on what type of exits they find- but both the coach and the sports director know where to move. “Our coach and sports director are working to form a squad what needs to be framed in a balance of wage bill and budget“, highlighted on Wednesday the president Aitor elizegi.

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