Valencia does not forget Marcos André with a downward proposal

ANDl Valencia do not forget Marcos André and has moved a 3 million offer for him Valladolid forward, who has been groping since Bordalás He became the coach of the Mestalla club. The quantity is far from pretense club initials Pucela, which is not willing to drop below 10 million euros.

The player Brazilian, with Spanish passport, has been one of the footballers that better unemployed have come out of a bad season in Zorrilla, which ended with relegation to Second. In fact, it has been the loss of category that has made the 30 million clause has become invalid of euros that appears in your contract and that has been reduced, but not enough to attend the first approach of the black and white set.

To their 24 years old, the forward played 23 games last season, in which he has scored four goals. The data is not striking, because he missed more than three months of competition (16 games) due to pubic problems that took longer to remit than expected. Despite this injury, the Like player profile on Mestalla, although with some very limited negotiation possibilities. In the club they are aware that the operation is very complex so they ask for a Real Valladolid that he does not want to let his player go so that he is in the project of Pacheta in order to return to First.

In what nor there seems to be doubts is that the investment in albivioleta player (who ends contract in 2023) it won’t be much higher, taking into account that he has only played one season in the First Division and that, although has left good feelings, it is still a bet that must be confirmed in the future.

Braithwaite and Rafa Mir’s options still stand

At this time, the Valencia does not have any option ruled out and is waiting for club and player movements. The Paterna offices and the club’s offices predict another slow market that may still take time to start until mid-July. In this scenario, both Martin Braithwaite and Rafa mir occupy prominent places in the Corona agenda, but both operations involve a higher outlay.

Even so, Valencia continues to work on operations with a downward proposal and with formulas that allow you to register players without large investments. This is footballers loaned, what finish contract, sharing rights with other clubs or with Purchase options and future percentages.

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