Valencia is saved mathematically in the absence of two days


Valladolid’s defeat against Villarreal moves Valencia eight points away from relegation with six to play

Valencia will continue in the First Division next season. It was something achieved, but it had to be certified. The defeat of Valladolid at home against Villarreal makes the Mestalla club save mathematically since there are six points left at stake and has a margin of eight points with the third down the tail that is now named Valladolid.

The team receives the news of the mathematical salvation in the absence of two days to play. A data that clearly shows the level offered by the team of Peter lim during this season. With Voro already on the bench, the squad will try to give a good image in the two remaining games, against opponents with relegation at stake, to finish as high as possible in the standings.

It is a mathematical fact of the hard to assume. Few times in history has Valencia needed to reach the penultimate round to be saved. Some have been, in fact the category was lost and Tendillo’s goal, who saved the team, arrived on the last day, but in recent decades it is difficult to find a worse season.

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