Valencia players return to barbecue in Paterna with anti-Covid measures

The squad, staff and coaching staff meet for a meal after training in the sports city

Lto Valencia squad met this wednesday after training in a lunch in the sports city of Paterna for the first time since more than a year ago, when the covid pandemic broke out. Since then, by the logics restrictions from health authorities and the protocols established by LaLiga, they had not been celebrated again barbecues or roasts -as they are called in Argentina and Uruguay- in Paterna. In fact, the time of coexistence between players in the locker room and concentrations has greatly diminished by LaLiga’s Covid protocols.

This Wednesday, players, coaches assistant staff of the first team have gathered for a meal – based on sausage, chicken and roast lamb– in the outdoor gym from the Paterna facilities. It is a diaphanous room with good ventilation of about 650 square meters. As BRAND has been able to confirm, it has been contracted catering staff and the diners have been distributed in tables of four, with sufficient distance between tables.

According to the new standards approved by the Generalitat Valenciana that came into force on Monday, April 12 and until the 25th is allowed the occupation of tables by up to a maximum of 6 people per table or groupings of tables, with a distance of two meters between groups and with the obligation to always consume while sitting at the tables. On the other hand, according to these rules, the use of the mask is necessary when it is not being consumed.

Do not forget that before starting the 2020-21 preseason the The League distributed a Unified Training and Competition Protocol to the clubs with rules for meals in training centers and on trips (hotels).

Regarding the use of the dining room following are established indications:

– I know allows the use of the dining room as long as you can keep a distance of at least two meters between staff present in the dining room.

– In the event that the distance of two meters cannot be maintained, meal shifts should be established, but in any case, it must have prior authorization by the Competitions department for the realization of meals and breakfasts. The information that must be shared with the aforementioned department will be the following:

or Groups stable functional reduced

or Ventilation From the living room

o Layout of tables

o Number of staff per tables

o Differentiated accesses

or Type of service

or Size From the living room

– Food delivery in individual packages is recommended and the use of buffet is discouraged.

– It must keep the room as ventilated as possible and the use of outdoor dining rooms should be encouraged as long as the weather permits.

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