Valencia will launch its season ticket campaign with the forecast of not being able to open Mestalla without restrictions until January

Se has made you wait, but finally Valencia will launch the season ticket campaign in the coming days for the season 2021-22 that presents quite a few Concept novelties and conditions regarding the period in which the passes may be effective, due to the capacity restrictions for him covid-19.

The main premise with which the campaign starts is that of cwork only half of the fertilizer (between 47-49%), Taking into account that the forecast what about the options to open Mestalla with the least possible restrictions. The date on which it is estimated that this can happen will be from the month of January -and could match the start of the second round-. But, the club has planned to be able to activate the fertilizers before if sanitary restrictions allow it before and other formulas if delayed this option.

And while? Until then, subscribers who renew their pass will have preferential access to single tickets to see every game, with a 50% discount on the general price, as in the last day of the League from last season, in front of the Eibar. In that game, entry was allowed to 5,000 people Y at this time, the regulation of the Generalitat Valenciana reduces the capacity for outdoor events to 3,000.

February 29, 2020 was the last game with the public in Mestalla.
February 29, 2020 was the last game with the public in Mestalla.Sanz

No price increase

And how much will the new fertilizers cost? Your starting price is same as the 2019-20 season, the last in which there was a very strong campaign in addition, after the illusion that the cup title in the course of Centenary and the qualification for the Champions on the last day. That jerk allowed the club reach 39,800 subscribers, which is the official figure that remains until today, after last year there were no tickets for sale. The forecast subscribers for this course is very lower, although various figures are handled in the Marketing and Ticketing departments.

The price range of the countries oscillates between 265 and 1,640 euros, like two years ago, while the young stand will continue to cost 250 euros, with the possibility of access for those subscribers in this area who were less than 25 years old in the 2019-20 season. The big difference between this season and 19-20 is that now there are no Champions like then, whose parties entered the pass. The three of the group stage and also would have allowed to go see the Atalanta, in the round of 16, but the authorities decreed it to door closed.

From the club they report that discounts are maintained for age, match attendance and shareholder status, to which there is to add 25% to those who opted for the option 2 (waive the money back in exchange for the discount) in the refund of the amount of the five matches that were played behind closed doors in the 2019-20 campaign, which was the one they chose 26,000 subscribers the very ones who can now benefit from it. The average discount estimated by the club for all subscribers is 22%.

New for this season

The club has decided undertake a series of ‘reforms‘in relation to their subscribers and in the services offered in Mestalla. Among them is prominently the fact that the subscription payment it will have to be done forcibly by direct debit, formula that to date 25% of subscribers do not use (about 30,000 are those who have the domiciled pass). In a similar vein, starting this season You can only pay by card in the bars inside Mestalla, when it is authorized to open them, and not in cash. A digital subscription, although in the club they are aware that mobile NFC technology would make you lose agility in the entrances with what also there will be a physical pass. And the fourth aspect is that Mestalla will become a real smoke-free space, that is, the measure will not only affect the stands but also interior corridors and vomitories, where smoking was previously allowed.

And what if the restrictions go beyond January?

In the worst case, the club’s forecasts could be more optimistic than the evolution of the pandemic suggests. And it could be the case that, in January, the health authorities did not allow the Mestalla to be opened to give capacity to all people who renew their subscription. In that case, the club would return the money proportional to the games not enjoyed.

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