Valencia will open Mestalla


The club officially announces that there will be an audience against Eibar and the way to distribute tickets

Valencia will open Mestalla for the public in the game this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. against SD Eibar with a capacity of 5,000 fans. The Club has officially announced that fans will be able to return to the stadium after more than a year of pandemic away from it.

The club has congratulated itself on this decision of the Government and public bodies, as well as on the authorization received by the League and has recalled the way in which distribution of the few tickets that will go on sale. Valencia recalls by way of service information for this Sunday’s game against SD Eibar the rights and advantages for the subscriber that were communicated last summer in the subscription compensation dossier and that will be valid while limited games are played capacity. Depending on the chosen compensation option, the fan will have access to a priority and a discount.

Purchase method

In order to attend the matches, it will be necessary to buy tickets through the online portal. The availability of the seats will be marked by the health indications. Up to 2 tickets can be purchased per shift as long as the companion has chosen the same or higher option. Tickets will be nominative (name and ID) and identification will be requested at the stadium gates to access.

Priority in purchase

Those who chose ‘Option 1’ will have a preferential term for the purchase. In the event that, at the end of the ticket purchase period for ‘Option 1’ subscribers, tickets are still available, those subscribers who have chosen ‘Option 2’ will have preference over those who chose ‘Option 3’ , who will choose to buy tickets only if they are available once the preferential term of the previous category has ended.

The deadlines:

-Subscribe Option 1: from Friday the 14th at 10:00 a.m. at 11:59 p.m. Option 2 subscribers: from Saturday 15 at 00:30 hours at 23:59.

Discount on the purchase of tickets

Those people who chose ‘Option 1’ or ‘Option 2’ will have a 50% discount on the RRP. People who chose ‘Option 3’ would have a 10% discount on the RRP in case of availability.

Rules within the stadium

In accordance with the indications of the health authorities and the LaLiga Code of Conduct, within the stadium there will be a distance of 1.5 meters in all directions between people, food may not be consumed, nor smoking. In addition, the use of a FFP2 mask without a valve will be mandatory and the temperature at the entrance will be taken in a sectorial and staggered manner.

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