Valladolid – Atleti declares itself high risk … and this is how the rojiblanca fans will be controlled


The Government Sub-delegation in Valladolid estimates that less than 3,000 fans will travel with their team

Lto Valladolid Local Security Board met this Thursday to make the first decisions regarding the device that is being prepared in the Castilian city to receive fans of the Atletico Madrid that this next Saturday they want to accompany their team in Valladolid.

Emilio Álvarez Villazán, Subdelegate of the Government in Valladolid, estimates that they will be “less than 3,000“the rojiblancos supporters who gather in Valladolid, and with that figure as an estimate, prepare the operation in collaboration with”National Police, Local Police, Civil Guard and Civil Protection, with units of the UIP (Unit and Police Intervention) and the UPR (Unit of Prevention and Reaction) with which we will believe it will be enough to face incidents. The device can be expanded since there will be a last coordination meeting tomorrow. “

Álvarez Villazán explained that his only concern is that there may be “contact between the fans of one hobby and another”, for which Real Valladolid has offered its fences in order to, if necessary, limit two areas for both swollen. “We have between 300 and 350 arriving by train and up to six buses, in addition to private vehicles, which will be more out of control.”

“The only ones that can cause problems are the Athletic Front, the rest of the people simply want to enjoy themselves, cheer on their team and return to Madrid, “said the subdelegate.” We have a problem with those who come in private cars and with calls on social networks.

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