Veli Deveciler: The actors and the technical team consist of incredible people

Turkey in racing championship in Basketball League, end 4 weeks prior to April 19 Monday Samsunspor he shares the summit will host the match as the final Merkezefendi Mayor Veli Deveciler in Denizli Basket, he said they want to end up happy the end of the marathon.

Deveciler thanked the technical team and the players who burned the championship fire by winning 11 victories in a row in the league, “The players and the technical team are incredible people. They are all very character, very good people and very good basketball players. Maybe this is our biggest chance. They work hard in this league. “It is almost impossible to win 11 games in a row, and at the point we are today, it is only a matter of time before we become champions. I hope it will end well,” he said.

Veli Deveciler, who continued his words saying “Indeed, this success is the result of them and their hard work and interlocking”, said:

“We will play the most important game of the league this week. Strong Samsunspor is coming with the championship claim and they want to win very much. It is a struggling team. The moment has come when many people who work for this team are eagerly waiting to see the result. Let’s see what will happen. Again, I repeat, this team is every team. They deserve everything. Each one of them is working hard and hard for this city. They want the championship very much. We trust them. We cannot be praised enough for representing Denizli with a team of such high quality people.


Stating that Denizli city should protect the team, Deveciler said, “The whole Denizli is following our team. The support they will give us is more important than anything else when we are this close. If our players feel this will increase their championship belief one more time. Denizli city is something in unity in these difficult days. “Let’s not miss this opportunity to show how special Denizli is. Let’s give our basketball team the support it deserves.”


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