Vicente Moreno: “We have not seen what we had prepared or what we wanted to happen”

Vicente Moreno has left annoyed of Majorca for the team match. The technician admits that the key is to recover the Spanish of the first two days. He asks for peace of mind to continue working and makes it clear that, despite the reception, he will always feel a participant in the successes of the Balearic club.


“The feeling has been that we were closer to winning than not in the first two games, but today it was not like that. The rival has been above us in those details and we have to go back to what we did both. Previous days, we are approaching victory. We must try not to see today’s game, with inaccuracies. We have not seen what we had prepared or what we wanted to happen. “

Locker room

“All defeats leave a bad body and now we have the break and it will take you longer than necessary. But this has only just begun. We have to take care of the details in the First Division, that what we have prepared appears. Today we were not that team. To work and to demand themselves so that the best Espanyol appears against Atlético “.


“Today we are annoyed because we played a bad game. Now calm down to continue working and improving and avoid games like today.”

There has been no scuffle with Embarba

Vicente Moreno


“No rifirrafe. When you win you accept it better and when you lose, worse. He was angry, but without more. I’m sure I have said more to him than he to me. You should not give it more importance. He has played with annoyances” .

Low from Sergi Gómez

“We will not have it but this is about looking forward. We never cry. If Sergi does not play, another central defender will do it. We will make a guarantee eleven with the illusion of winning Atlético.”

Receipt? I can only thank the Mallorca fans

Vicente Moreno

Welcome and words of Luis García

“A part of me is also from Mallorca and I will feel part of it. I can only thank the Mallorca fans. I have only said praise and I have given thanks and I remain in that. What I experienced here is very great, I will feel part of it of everything. Many lies have been told. All the explanations that have been have gone against me “


“This is not the place to talk about that: anything can happen.”

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