Villarejo: “Barça was an element linked to independence and it had to be destabilized”

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ANDl ex-commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo recognized in TV3 that foul play was practiced against Sandro Rossell and the FC Barcelona. In the words of his own Villarejo“when he had problems Mr. rosell was president of barcait was understood that Barça was an element linked to independence that had to be destabilized”.

In the same line, Villarejo emphasizes that the judge lick it He agreed to be part of the operation against Barça and Rosell because he expected a reward. “He spoke with a judge named lick it and that judge agreed and asked for a series of things, among other things to go to the Supremeas it was later, he also got into the subject of processwas the same one that ordered the arrest of all of the processI think I remember.”

Regarding the preventive detention of Sandro Rossellthe longest for an alleged economic crime in our country (21 months), Villarejo also points to Lamela as the person responsible. It must be taken into account that Rosell was later acquitted of the charges that led him to that preventive detention. “I imagine that Lamela kept rosell in prison because he had a tremendous connection with the CNI then, as has been shown, and he had been promised what he has achieved, which is to go to the Supreme Court. The problem when a judge makes a mistake or a trial is annulled is that nothing happens to him”

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