Villarreal turns the first card to Foyth

ANDl Villarreal has presented an appeal in order to annul the first of the two yellow cards with which Juan Fotyh was punished against Granada on the first day and they meant his expulsion. The Argentine, who was cautioned by referee González Fuertes in minutes 20 and 82, he will miss the game that his team is going to play this next Saturday against Espanyol , if the yellow resource does not prosper.

The people of Castellón take refuge in the videographic test in which it is clearly observed that the footballer does not touch the rival in the first of the actions despite the minutes drawn up by the Asturian referee. According to González Fuertes himself, the punishment is produced for “recklessly stepping on an opponent.” A claim that contradicts itself with the proof sent by the people of Castellón. At the La Plana club, the action is considered so clear that, in case of not being accepted in the first instance, they will appeal the action until the last possible instance.

The yellow coach, Unai Emery, criticized the referee’s performance at the end of the match: “In the absence of Fotyh in the first half I think it was hardly the opposite, but the rival made a fuss. It seems exaggerated that with two fouls they get two cards. In the criterion of the type of arbitration, the lack of continuity in the game that if it is allowed in Europe and they let us play, it has hurt us, “he commented.

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