Virginia Torrecilla’s car accident: “Every day I wonder what I’ve done wrong …”

Virginia Torrecilla, footballer of the Atlético de Madrid who has just recovered from a brain tumor, suffered a car accident on June 3 when he was with his mother. The player counted it in her account Instagram with an image of him accompanying his mother in a hospital bed.

Hello everyone!

Many of you have written to me to know how I was since I was not uploading anything in networks. Well, I’m going to tell you!

On June 3, I was driving with my mother when we stopped in a traffic jam … seconds later a car collided with us from behind, hitting the one in front due to the force in which it hit us.

I came out intact, but I remember perfectly how my mother told me that her legs did not feel while the wound on her forehead bled.

Today, June 14, I can say that my mother is alive and little by little recovering. He may not be able to walk again due to the injuries he caused, but after these days in ICU, we don’t care! My mother’s life is not in danger and that is the most important thing in this world.

Every day I ask myself what I have done wrong so that my family has to experience situations like this … but I have no answers!

Life is like this, and you have to face it in the best possible way, and if I know something is that my family fights against the current if necessary … I have grown up watching them fight, they did it with me and now it will not be less!

Thanks to everyone for the messages!

No one regrets being brave.

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