Vitolo insists: “I would like to be happy playing football”

Sand the other day there were statements to Canary Radio where Vitolo was for the first time willing to leave the Athletic In order not to live a season like the last one, now it is his Instagram where the Canarian player has answered a series of questions asked by fans. When asked if he is going to continue at Atlético, the footballer replied: “I would like to continue, but I want to be happy playing football as I have always done. If it is at Atleti better, if not we will look for the best for both parties” .

It is evident that the canary does not want to repeat a course like the past in which he practically did not count for Simeone adding only 462 ‘in the whole season. Therefore, I would be willing to consider leaving the Athletic if both parties were to benefit from the operation.

Vitolo He was grateful to the fans of the Athletic: “It is incredible to have them cheering on every game. What they have done this year from outside the stadium gives them goosebumps. They deserve this title more than anyone.”

He also had memories for his former partner Diego Costa to the one who told him that he missed him and as well as words for him Seville, club where he managed to become one of the Spanish footballers of reference. When asked if he regretted leaving Sevilla, he replied: “In life you have to make decisions, sometimes you are right and sometimes you are not, but I will always have affection for Seville and its city.”

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