Voro breaks with one of his last nightmares on the Valencia bench

His last two starts had been counted by defeats against Celta in the Cup (1-4) in January 2017 and Athletic (0-2) in the League in July 2020

Voro González returns to the path of victory in his premiere. Again. When the technician has recognized that it is not a comfortable situation, he said it for everything. Included by himself. “Football is very treacherous, I have taken a weight off my shoulders,” he explained after concluding the match against Valladolid. Their Recent starts with the team had not been easy. Defeats That ‘new technical’ effect had not given the initial expected resultAlthough over time the ship had reoriented again but now there was a narrow margin of time and parties. Just a month … just four meetings and a set goal: salvation.

It is the seventh time that Voro took the reins of the team. The first four were successful. In April 2007, in December 2012, in November 2015 and in September 2016. In all of them it was a shock from the first minute. Y they won, respectively, Osasuna (3-0, 2007-08 campaign), Lille (0-1, 2012-13 campaign) in the Champions League, Baracaldo (0-3, in the 2015-16 financial year) and Alavés ( 2-1, 2016-17 season).

Two last starts that pressured Voro

But the last two occasions he came to office and it was not what was expected. That first game that did not have the effect of ‘savior’ that puts so much pressure on the Valencian coach and that fills him with a strange responsibility and wear and tear, which is why he has said on occasions that it was the last time he provided this service … and never This has been the case since the property (Meriton) has always used their services.

The last two times They were hard for the Valencian coach. The first in a Valencia-Celta of Copa del Rey. 1-4 after the surprise resignation of Cesare Prandelli. The team had a hard time picking up the pace.

And the last one was con the dismissal of Albert Celades in July 2020. Voro had to take the team, again in the final stage, and with bad inertia. Their first clash did not serve as a shock … Valencia-Athletic (0-2).

Triumph and ‘virtual’ salvation arrives

That is why this seventh time he came to the bench he was involved in too many internal demands for Voro. Starting off on the right foot was essential … so as not to get headfirst into the bottom of the board. And that ‘saving effect’ arrived. Game recovered. At first. Like yesteryear. Valencia-Valladolid (3-0).

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