Voro: “For Valencia now it is unfeasible to compete with Sevilla”


The coach acknowledges that the Andalusian team, which he faces this Wednesday, has occupied the position of Valencia

Voro has been clearer in a sentence about the current situation of Valencia than all the president’s speeches Anil Murthy or statements of the maximum shareholder Peter lim on the sporting situation of the team. Taking advantage of the press conference prior to the match against him Seville The former interim player and coach has been asked if the Andalusian team, now comfortably installed in the fourth place that Valencia occupied on other occasions, is the mirror in which Valencia should look. And this has been his response: “Historically, Valencia has had moments in which they have won the League twice recently. There have been moments in which we have been the third team with the hegemony of Real Madrid and Barcelona and sometimes he has been Atlético de Madrid and also Sevilla. Valencia is a very demanding club and the idea is to be fighting for European positions every year. Sevilla are doing things very well and the challenge is to try to compete with them, in a process in which in the situation we are in at the moment it is unfeasible, but through doing things well and making good sports decisions, from there you have to grow. It is not easy, nor do it overnight. The Seville is doing things very well. Is it our mirror? Yes, is it easy? No, it is not easy but that is the way taking into account the demands of Valencia “.


Mentality with which the game is faced

“We face it from another perspective logically, because after winning the Sunday to get rid of that anxiety and pressure, those three points give us the possibility of going to compete against a great rival. It is a great challenge to be able to give a performance against one of the greats Spanish teams that are fighting LaLiga. They are the ones that have reached the best shape this season. ”

What would you like to see in these three days

The first challenge when we spoke last week is to win the game that will liberate us. May the team continue to grow from the tranquility that this situation gives us. Winning as many points as possible for the team to stay alive and compete until the end. It is true that this liberation must be fought so that the opposite does not happen. Our fight is that the team competes with the maximum guarantees, that the team be alive for the 90 minutes that the team has a soul. ”

Distribute minutes until the end of the season

The approach and the idea is to get the highest number of points. We are going to split minutes so that everyone plays and feels happy. Our step forward within the difficulty that the group has not had continuity in the results that after this liberation we can compete, that people progress and we have joy in going for the remaining games. You are the workhorse that we have left in these two weeks to play three games.

Give rest to players who have Eurocup options

No, absolutely not. We seek the highest performance to compete in all matches. The one who is best in all circumstances will play in the goal. We are NOT going to rotate due to the fact of the Eurocup if we have to rotate a player it will be because the team appreciates it and because in some positions that we see it, the one we deem appropriate will play. We are going to seek to be competitive, to be better than the rival and to compete better than the rival.

Cutrone out of the call

We have to choose. Above we have different options. It does not mean that it will not go more. They are all fine, we do not have any casualties. It is for having the best options and for the characteristics of the rival.

Away from home, performance drops

There’s no difference. There is no public outside the home. We do not stop to think if it is at home or away. We do not think if we are going to win two in a row. They are a rival that is in great shape, a very aggressive team with variations, a very defined system. The challenge for us is to compete and with the difficult season we have been through, it is a brutal challenge.

Three centrals

The characteristics of the footballers that you are going to use sometimes change the systems. The last two games we have played with three center-backs and we are open to playing with the system that allows us to play better than the rival. The team with defense of four has played more games and has also played with defense of three.

Tomorrow’s rival is one of the most difficult of the season. If we have not scored a goal, it shows the difficulty. The focus is not on what happened but on what we can do tomorrow to win.

Valladolid analysis

We have made an analysis of Sunday’s game. In the first part we saw that there were some imbalances when it came to jumping to pressure. We wanted to give it depth inside, freedom outside. Valladolid is a team that scores many goals from centers and we knew that we had to start from defensive security.

Voro system

It is the first time I have used the defense system of three. I have always played in teams with defense of three and I was the central marker on the right. But he had never used him as a coach. But you have to seek to give the team the best options to attack and defend. If you put three centrals and two long lanes that go on the attack, it is not a defense of five, but a defense of three. All systems are valid. More and more teams are using them. It is a variant that we must have there.

Keep training beyond this season

I hadn’t seen any training. I carry out other tasks that do not have any technical component. With the staff we have to change functions overnight and the function is to be a coach for these four games, nothing more.

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