Voro: “It has been a bad season and the club must make decisions”


The technician is grateful to be back at his post and hopes that he will not have to take over the team again

VGold ended his time at Valencia with two victories, a draw and a defeat. The coach says goodbye to the bench where he hopes to never return. But it’s a very authoritative voice for Meriton to hear. Due to his status as a former soccer player of the entity and for his journey in recent years near the first team. The former coach prefers to keep his profile low, but every answer is for them to take into account in Singapore.

Match analysis

“We cannot be happy with the first half or with the first 25 minutes, where we could not get rid of the pressure from Huesca or create chances. From that first half hour we have been able to have more of the ball, but we have not been able to read The first half was good. In the second half we did have the necessary pause to find their backs and reach the rival area with an attack in which we were able to score. Little by little they have had anxiety looking for the goal and we have tried to catch some against them. A point away from home is always positive. ”

Summary of your stage

“The idea was to win a game as soon as possible and then try to grow with a system that I had never applied. We have had defensive security and we have been polishing some aspects depending on each rival. Two wins, a draw, a loss and we have grown , What is the most important”.

What do you think the team is missing?

“I do not know, I will return to my position tomorrow and I do not have any technical component there. What is clear is that the year is bad and the club must make decisions with the coach and with the preparation of the squad. Hopefully the year Let’s go up “.

Hope this is the last time he takes over the team

“This is not pleasant for me and therefore I face it from responsibility and nothing else. I hope and wish that it is my last time on the bench, it will mean that things are going well”

Goodbyes in the locker room

“As far as I know Gameiro and Mangala, of the others I have no idea”

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