Voro: “Leader coach? Leadership is achieved by winning matches”


The coach of L ‘Alcudia gives the keys to not fail with the coach of next season

Voro is clear. The leading coach is achieved with results. The coach gave his opinion on what the team needs for next season. A coach with clear ideas and who knows how to get the most out of his squad. The style does not matter. “As a soccer person, everyone wants a coach who provides a clear idea of ​​the game based on the players he has. Leadership is achieved with results. The most important thing is to look for a coach who, depending on the players he has, makes the most of the squad. It can be a Setién or a Cervera, but both get performance. Everything is legal. ”

The return of the fans to Mestalla

“This is great news. Highly anticipated. We are delighted that people are returning to Mestalla. The players are delighted. Hopefully this is the beginning of a powerful normalcy for the new season. The fans complete the circle.”

Complaints from some coaches

“It may be that it influences. In our case there are 5,000 fans. Eibar knows that they have to come to get the points. For us it is a plus to have the people. But the decisions have been made. I do not think that now it is so decisive. who play are the footballers. “

Sales-driven alignment?

Of course not. I do not take it into account. The player wants to compete to the end. We will make the line-up thinking about the idea of ​​the game. There will be changes because we come from playing Wednesday.

Approach after liberation to save yourself

“It’s the same line. Winning at Valladolid freed us from responsibility. In Seville we were well, organized and the key is to keep improving. The goal is to win and not get off the script. We can’t fall down because we don’t play anything. We come from one difficult season. We don’t risk anything, but we do have the points, and show ourselves that we can compete. ”

Correia, are you okay?

“I see it well. He took a hit. The team appreciates his deployment. He is doing well and wants to compete.”

Cutrone situation

“Cutrone’s are technical decisions. You have to look at everything. Nothing happens with him. The data of those who have participated I did not know. It has been a special week. But always with the aim of competing well. We focus on this game . If there are four that have not participated the same we value it for the last game “.

Carlos Soler

“What has happened to Carlos Soler, he has earned it. He is intelligent and hardworking. He has even more capacity for improvement. In a complicated context, everyone is losing performance. The other day he was captain for the line-up. He has a future and is going to to be a better player. That he is a captain and a Valencian is important “.

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