Warwickshire will not discipline Tim Bresnan after role in bullying of Azeem Rafiq at Yorkshire

Tim Bresnan was named in Azeem Rafiq’s testimony before DCMS Select Committee on Racism in Yorkshire; The former England test bowler has apologized and will face no further action from the current county of Warwickshire.

Tim Bresnan and Azeem Rafiq were teammates in Yorkshire

Warwickshire has confirmed that Tim Bresnan will face no further disciplinary action after being implicated in the independent investigation into institutional racism in Yorkshire.

The county says they have spoken with both Bresnan, who joined Warwickshire in 2020, and Azeem Rafiq, who named Bresnan in his testimony before the DCMS select committee last week.

Warwickshire says that Bresnan and all other players, coaches and club officials will participate in further training for cultural awareness and recognition.

Bresnan has again apologized to Rafiq and indicated his desire to improve his behavior in the future, after stating last week that he had listened to Rafiq’s account of the bullying in Yorkshire with “great distress”.

Bresnan said: “I apologized for any distress he caused Azeem when we were both part of the Yorkshire dressing room. I understand that there must be a shift in cultural awareness and understanding of the game.

“I am firmly committed to using my experience to support the next generation of Warwickshire cricketers, so they can learn how to make the locker room a safe and welcoming place for all cricketers to thrive.”

Mark McCafferty, President of the Warwickshire County Cricket Club, said: “The club has spoken extensively with Azeem Rafiq and Tim Bresnan about their time at Yorkshire CCC.

“We are grateful for Azeem’s courage and perseverance in highlighting these issues within the game. It is clear that both players want to use their experience to support positive change and ensure that everyone can enjoy the game in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment.

“Following these discussions, all Warwickshire cricketers and coaches and their Academy will participate in further training on cultural awareness and recognition. Tim will be very involved in this process. He fully supports Warwickshire’s position on inclusion and understands our expectations. of him as a player.

“This awareness training will also extend to the broader club management team to ensure they embrace the same inclusive principles in all aspects of the company. Warwickshire CCC is determined to reflect the communities we serve at all levels, with Edgbaston as a safe and welcoming place for everyone. Nothing will prevent us from achieving this goal. “

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