Washington Football Team will trade cheerleaders for a mixed group of cheerleaders

PThe first was the change of name and logo, now it has been the cheerleaders’ turn. The Washington Redskins mutated into Washington Football Team. Since 1932 they had carried the nickname that refers to an indigenous group ‘Red Skins’ from the United States. The anti-racial movements, following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, they asked for the name change. FedEx, the courier company that gives the stadium its name, and Nike – the sponsor of all NFL teams – also forced the franchise to change its name.

Now they have announced that from 2021 it will no longer have its group of cheerleaders, founded in 1962 and known as’ First Ladies of Football. .

The Washingtons hired Petra Pope, former coach of the Lakers cheer group, the Laker Girlm, for this renovation. “My wish is to create a team that is inclusive, diverse, mixed, athletic. We are looking for that super athlete who can dance, perform tricks and stunts and manipulate accessories that will create a great spectacle for the public,” he explains.

Pope said that All Washington cheerleader contracts expired, but that all of them can audition for the 2021 dance team. The new group could be made up of 36 members. Other NFL teams, such as the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints, already have men among their dance teams.

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