What second-class footballers would you dress with La ‘Roja’ if you were Luis Enrique?


Imagine that it is not possible to summon any player from the top continental categories to play this qualifying ‘window’. Who would you take?

ANDThe Asturian coach has summoned 24 players to face the first three duels of the national team in the qualifying phase of the next World Cup, which will take place next year in Qatar. For this, there will be a break in the domestic championship, which will last until next April 2. What if such a thing was not possible and Luis Enrique had to pull the SmartBank League to face this important window competitive? ¿You would be able to put yourself in the shoes of the coach and make a call with the best Second Division players?

You could make a thousand and one combination, surely, all more or less successful pulling that technician that every good fan has inside. Let’s put the following questions as rationale for calling one player over another: What has been selected by the Sub 21 or even by the Absolute itself at some point in his career; its market value; and its statistics throughout this season. From there, we propose you some names through the following survey.

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