When is the Fenerbahçe-Ekaterinburg match, at what time, on which channel?

Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo, who will fight for the 7th Final-Four in FIBA ​​Euroleague, will play a critical match on the way to the championship. Yellow-Lacivertliler, the champion of the last two years, will meet the strong Russian representative UMMC Ekaterinburg at the Volkswagen Sports Hall. When is the Fenerbahçe-Ekaterinburg match, at what time, on which channel? Answers to the questions and details about the critical encounter are in our news.

Final-Four excitement in FIBA ​​Euroleague, which is accepted as Europe’s number 1 cup in women’s basketball, will start in Istanbul today. Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo, who fought the Final-Four for the 7th time but did not experience the championship joy, will give its first test against the challenging UMMC Ekaterinburg on the way to the final. Fenerbahçe coach Victor Lapena said before the critical match: “We are very excited to be here again after 4 years. Fenerbahce is back for the Final-Four. While preparing for the weekend, my actors did a great job. I am very, very happy. We are ready”.

‘The pressure is on UMMC, not ours’

Lapena also said, “Of course, we are not in our best situation because of Covid and other reasons. We are not favorites. Favorite Ekaterinburg. Champion of the last 2 years. A high-budget team. How can we feel the pressure? We will enjoy the game. We came here to play with good teams with good players.” “I trust my players, they’ve done a good job not just this year but for the past 2 years. I trust all my players and they believe me more than I believe them. The pressure is on UMMC, not ours.”

When is the Fenerbahçe-Ekaterinburg match, at what time, on which channel?

In the first match of the Final Four, Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo will face Russia’s Ekaterinburg team today. At 16:00 the struggle will begin Fenerbahce TV Picture of the team in Yellow and Blue with YouTube will be broadcast live on the channel.

Final Four for the 7th time

Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo ended the group matches played in Istanbul and Spain in the EuroLeague with 5 wins in 6 matches and became the group leader in the last 8. Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo eliminated their long-time rival Galatasaray in the play-off round and reached the Final Four for the 7th time in its history.

Euroleague’s MVP Alina Iagupova

The biggest scorer of Fenerbahçe will be Alina Iagupova … The Ukrainian scorer, who was re-included in the squad since December, was selected as the most valuable player of the season in the Euroleague for the second time in a row.

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