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LOn the morning of September 5, 2019, a group of Spaniards took advantage of the fact that they were Bucharest to sign up for a tour in Spanish and learn the secrets of the Romanian capital. Two women listened carefully to what the guide was telling, the key places of the 1989 revolution or the megalomaniac follies of marriage Ceaucescu. They were the mother and girlfriend of Pablo Sarabia (Madrid, 11-5-1992). Because that day, in the splendid Nationala Arena could come, at last, the debut with the absolute of a player who with just turned 15 years old defended the shirt of Spain for the first time.

On June 22, 2007, in the V Santiago del Teide Tournament, Juan Santisteban formed with an eleven in which they were, in addition to Sarabia, Koke and Carvajal. Because Pablo is one of those players who have sucked the national team from the first steps. A year later, against Scotland at Mira d’Aire, he scored his first goal, with the sub 16. With the sub 17 he was third in the World Cup in Nigeria. The titles with the inferiors of Spain were played with the Europeans of the sub 19 (2011, 3-2 to the Czech Republic in extra time) and with the sub 21 (in 2013, with Lopetegui).

But there Sarabia’s journey with the national team stopped. For more than six years his development was not valued for the coaches to take the big step. That changed in the first list of Robert Moreno after it was confirmed that the selector was him with all the powers.

Many people had asked for an opportunity for Sarabia, especially because of his stints at the Seville. But that step did not come in a career that was destined to be one of the best of the players produced in the Real Madrid quarry. There, the name of Sarabia He began touring offices shortly after arriving at the club (2004) from the Madrid Oeste Football School in Boadilla del Monte. On December 8, 2010, the first team played. I was 18 years old and Mourinho made him debut before him Auxerre, in the Champions.

At that point in his career, there was already talk of offers and a possible exit from the White House, where the lack of opportunities is known.

Word of Toril

Part of that path, Sarabia did it with Toril as coach. The generation of ’92 (Dani Carvajal, Lucas Vázquez, Pablo Sarabia, Morata, Pacheco…) shone from the hand of the Cordovan coach. “TO Paul I know him when I came to the club in 2008, as a support to the quarry. I saw him in Youth B. Three months later I started training and I had him in A, in 2009. You immediately realize that you are facing a special player “, he recalls Bullpen.

What made him different is clear to Toril: “He was one of those left-handers with a lot of quality, last pass, very talented … Along with JesseI think he’s the best footballer I’ve ever worked with. “

Sarabia: “I didn’t expect to be in the Euro, I was going to go on vacation with my girlfriend”SeFutbol

He met a footballer who from a very young age was surrounded by compliments, calls from the national team, comparisons and visions of a huge future at a club like Madrid. “Over time he has forged his character. Before he was more nervous, a bit special also in that. He has always been very competitive and a very good partner. He is closer. He was very young and everyone talked about Pablo Sarabia. These things can make you lose the north a bit, but in the proximity and the direct treatment was always very affectionate, “recalls Toril.

With the passage of time, his departure from Madrid (2011) has its nuances. “We have talked about it sometime. It comes out very fast from the Castile and in the Getafe there are two seasons in which he hardly plays. But hey, it is clear that he has done well “, argues a Toril who is clear in which position he is developing. Sarabia: “For me it is the typical 10. Where he expresses himself best is behind the striker. It is true that this position seems to be tending to disappear and Pablo has shown to adapt well to wing positions, although he does not have the characteristics of the classic winger.

That adaptation is what has led him to Eurocup. “I found out in the car, I was with my girlfriend when I received a call, I looked at her and at that moment I thought we were going on vacation,” Pablo said as soon as we arrived in Las Rozas.

Those who played in their debut

Ricardo Alonso

Goalkeeping coach at Atlético. He left the quarry of Sporting. He arrived at Real Madrid and went through the goal of Cádiz, Alcorcón, Depor or Astorga.


He was supposed to be at the Eurocup, but injuries have crossed his path on the threshold of a final phase. Four times winner of the Champions League.

Carlos Monleon

Colon spare parts. The young Valencian Third team was, in 2017, the last team. He came to the selection from Valencia. That day he left his place to Muniain.


In Qatar. Signed until June 30 for the Qatari Al-Arabi. Serious injuries raged on him since he was 16 years old and suffered the dreaded triad (2008).


He loses the ooco trail after that sub-15 game. He played in the quarries of Elche and Hercules.


In Albelda’s team. He has been the midfielder for Atzeneta Unió Esportiva, the Segunda B team trained by David Albelda.


Third captain. League champion with Atlético de Madrid and his return to the national team when it seemed that he had forgotten it. Third captain of La Roja.

Sani-Bello Mahama

In third. Author of two of the three goals against Turkey in that match. This season he has played for Santfeliuenc, the Catalan Third team. It came from the Gavá.

Adria Carmona

From India to L’Hospitalet. In 2010 he flew from La Masía to go to Milan. He started a trip that took him to Odisha FC (India). This campaign has been in L’Hospitalet.

Fran Sol

In Tenerife. Another Madrid youth squad. Overcame testicular cancer. He is a Tenerife player after shining in the Netherlands and Ukraine. He is the author of the novel Madrid 2035.

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