Who can win Super Bowl LVI? Breaking down all 32 NFL teams ahead of the 2021 season

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Join Neil Reynolds and a host of big names from across the NFL on Thursday night’s Sky Sports NFL preview – NFL 32 Live kicks off at 7pm on Sky Sports NFL.

With a week left until the start of the NFL season, Neil Reynolds evaluates all 32 teams and their hopes of winning the Los Angeles Super Bowl in February …

With that in mind, I have grouped all 32 teams that will compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles in February.

If you don’t like where your favorite team is, don’t be offended …

Tampa Bay Buccaneers … The defending Super Bowl champions brought back all 22 starting lineups on offense and defense a year ago, and legendary quarterback Tom Brady is more comfortable in the offensive system for a year. The Bucs are very ready to play again.

Buffalo Bills … With strong and mobile quarterback Josh Allen, now considered the elite, the Bills are ready to take on the challenge and win the Super Bowl for the first time. The Buffaloes were the last in the big game in the early 1990s, losing four in a row. The long-awaited success is completely in their hands.

Highlights of Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over Kansas City Chiefs in LV Super Bowl

Highlights of Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over Kansas City Chiefs in LV Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs … The Chiefs never stray too far from the rivalry with 500 millionth quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the helm. Kansas City was stung by last season’s Super Bowl defeat to Tampa and will be hungry for revenge. But is their protection reliable enough?

Green Bay Packers … The rift between Star Guardian Aaron Rogers and his bosses is real and won’t go anywhere. I doubt the current NFL Most Valuable Player will play in Wisconsin in 2022. But while he’s there, this team, which was in the final four in 2019 and 2020, will be the contender.

Cleveland Browns … The Browns have thought about it before, and they have collapsed no matter what, but the leadership is strong when head coach Kevin Stefansky is at the helm. The attack is high-profile, and several reinforcements have arrived to support the so-so defense.

Tennessee Titans … How can you stop Tennessee’s runner-up attack in the NFL in 2020 this season? Ryan Tannehill is a solid quarterback, Derrick Henry is backfield and AJ Brown is foster. Add Julio Jones to the future of the Hall of Fame and the Titans are dangerous.

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