Who is who on Florentino’s team? Colleagues, friends, a woman and a ‘signing’

The 17 members of the Real Madrid Board of Directors headed by Florentino Pérez are all old acquaintances

Florentino Pérez has been re-elected as president of Real Madrid until 2025. Since he became president of the white club, the changes in his board have been counted on the fingers of one hand. Faithful colleagues and friends, many of them began the journey following in the wake of Florentino Pérez’s leadership and they are still there, alongside the president of Real Madrid. They assume their role, which is none other than helping the club. Manuel Torres appears in the new board for the first time, the only novelty compared to the previous term.

Fernando Fernández Tapias is the first vice president of the club. The businessman has held the position since Florentino Pérez arrived at the club in 2000, except for the parenthesis from 2006 to 2009. Eduardo Fernandez de Blas, a lawyer, he has been second vice president since 2009, when he came to the white board. Pedro López Jiménez is the third of the vice presidents. He joined the Board in 2002. He is the strong man on European issues and a regular at meetings with UEFA, FIFA and other international organizations. He has been Chairman of Endesa, Unión Fenosa, Vice Chairman of Indra.

Enrique Sánchez is another of the managers who have walked hand in hand since the arrival of Florentino Pérez to the club and even in the 1995 election, the one that ended with a blackout in the electoral tent. He is the secretary of the Board and the executive with signature.

The manager with the lowest license

Santiago Aguado has been a member since 2004 and is the manager with the lowest membership card number, specifically 1,358, while the president is 1,793. Partner since 1957. He is a businessman in the transportation branch. Enrique Perez rose to the vocal position in 2009.

Manuel Cerezo He is another of the managers who have always been with Florentino Pérez in the white club. Entrepreneur in the transport and construction sector. Jose Sanchez Bernal It has also appeared in all the directives of the current president. Raul Ronda It is another of the historical ones. Entrepreneur related to the hospitality industry.

Gumersindo Santamaría is the manager in charge and the one who is always next to the basketball section. On the Board since 2004. Real estate businessman. Jose Manuel Otero Lastres He stepped on the board of Real Madrid from 1990 to 1992 with Ramón Mendoza as president. He returned with Florentino Pérez in 2002. Lawyer, professor and writer and a pro Galician, he is a member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence. Once a member of the Spanish Sports Discipline Committee.

Nicolas Martin Sanz He has been at the club since Florentino Pérez arrived. Something more than boardmates. He was president of Castilla and came to appear in the candidacy of Villar Mir in the 2006 elections. Jose Luis del Valle and Florentino Pérez have been in a relationship since the 1970s. He has been a manager since 2017. A law graduate and state attorney, he has been on the board of directors of many companies.

Catalina Miñarro She is the only woman in a managerial position on Florentino Pérez’s Board of Real Madrid, a position she has held since 2017. She is on the Mapfre Board of Directors.

The relationship of the entire Real Madrid Board

Mr. Florentino Pérez Rodríguez PARTNER NO. 1,793 PRESIDENT

Mr. Fernando Fernández Tapias PARTNER NUMBER 27,408 VICE-PRESIDENT

Mr. Eduardo Fernández de Blas PARTNER NUMBER 4,531 VICE-PRESIDENT

Mr. Pedro López Jiménez PARTNER NUMBER 11,216 VICE-PRESIDENT

Mr. Enrique Sánchez González PARTNER NUMBER 12,666 SECRETARY

Mr. Santiago Aguado García MEMBER No. 1,358 MEMBER

Mr. Jerónimo Farré Muncharaz MEMBER No. 2,165 MEMBER

Mr. Enrique Pérez Rodríguez MEMBER NUMBER 5,876 MEMBER

Mr. Manuel Cerezo Velázquez MEMBER No. 10,015 MEMBER

Mr. José Sánchez Bernal PARTNER NUMBER 11,264 MEMBER

Mr. Manuel Torres Gómez PARTNER NUMBER 12,748 MEMBER

Mr. Gumersindo Santamaría Gil PARTNER NUMBER 15,888 MEMBER

Mr. Raúl Ronda Ortiz PARTNER Nº 16,655 MEMBER

Mr. José Manuel Otero Lastres MEMBER No. 17,192 MEMBER

Mr. Nicolás Martín-Sanz García MEMBER NUMBER 19,099 MEMBER

Mr. José Luis del Valle Pérez MEMBER No. 42,518 MEMBER

Ms. Catalina Miñarro Brugarolas PARTNER NUMBER 49,345 MEMBER

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