Who was the spontaneous Super Bowl and why did he take to the field?

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Lhe Super Bowl LV held at Raymond James Stadium was marked by the low presence of the public in the stands, just 22,000 spectators (more than 7,000 toilets invited in recognition throughout the Covid crisis) in a stadium with capacity for more than 66,000 fans . However, despite the security measures, a spontaneous entered the field and interrupted the game during the last quarter. An image that surprised everyone by the ease with which he crossed the lawn from side to side.

But who was that man in a pink bathing suit? Is about Yuri Andrade, 31, from Boca Raton (Florida), who has been Charged with a misdemeanor burglary after running naked through Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. He was arrested by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at approximately 9:50 p.m. Sunday. Had to post a bond of $ 500 to get out of jail on Monday.

Andrade’s businesses

According to USA Today, Andrade described himself as “autonomous” before the authorities and said that was engaged in “international business”.

The streaker admitted that The website X that advertised in the pink swimsuit is owned by a friend of his, but he assured that he did not receive money for doing such advertising. Of course, he admitted that it was his friend who paid for the tickets for the game.

His friend is the owner of the pornographic website, who replied through his Twitter account to the American media TMZ after calling Andrade an “idiot”. “You are fucking upset because we have had more attention in 30 seconds than you have in your entire existence “.

A joke or a bet?

“It was just a joke between friends, more or less. It wasn’t some kind of crazy trying to hurt someone or things like that.“Andrade explained to USA Today. But there are those who They accuse him of having bet a large amount of money together with friends that a spectator would jump on the field during the Super Bowl.

It was just a joke between friends, more or less “

Yuri Andrade, the spontaneous of Super Bowl LV

It is being said that the bet could have been $ 50,000 and the winnings of 375,000.

A bomb threat is investigated

The Tampa Police Department and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Monday that local authorities arrested four fans during Sunday’s game, including Andrade, and released four others without charge. As well there was an unfounded bomb threat, which according to the two law enforcement agencies “remains an active investigation.”

In all, authorities reported 18 arrests in the 10 days surrounding the Super Bowl. There were no arrests for serious crimes.

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