Why doesn’t Memphis want us to call it Depay?

ANDl Barcelona’s new signing is called Memphis Depay, but the attacker wants to be known only by his first name and refuses to be addressed by his last name. He made that decision years ago, in 2012, and he stands firm. The reason: he does not want to be linked to his father, Dennis Depay.

This is how Barça announced the signing of Depay

This is how Barcelona announced the signing of Memphis Depay: Lionheart

The 27-year-old Dutch forward is the son of a Ghanaian father and a Dutch mother. The international orange He was abandoned by his father when he was only four years old, which caused great resentment and animosity towards him: Memphis he does not want to wear the last name of the person who neglected him. “I will never forgive him,” he has commented on the few times he has referred to him.

Depay is all this and much more: goals, assists, dribbles …

“Don’t call me Depay, call me Memphis“, in the beginning, the attacker insisted to the journalists. The footballer does not like to talk about his past, but explained that he holds a grudge against his father for having abandoned him and his mother, Cora schensema, although he prefers not to refer too much to that circumstance of his life because he does not want to give it more prominence. “I do not want to explain what exactly happened at home because I do not want to make people feel sorry. And it will continue to be so because I already turned the page,” he replied. a few years in an interview with the BBC.

Your decision is firm. He took it many years ago and does not forget the suffering that his father caused him and his mother. Dennis Depay he left them to start another family. On his t-shirt in the Barça it will also look Memphis. “He has tried to contact me several times, but the break is irremediable. I have no relationship with him, or with his family and so it will continue,” he said.

Depay’s Top 5 goals for Lyon is the 2020-21 season

Adores his mother

All the aversion he feels towards his father contrasts with the immense love, admiration, respect and affection that he feels towards his mother, of whom he is very proud and whom he considers an example of a single mother, and also his late maternal grandfather , who was the one who filled the vacancy of the father figure left by his father. The two have been decisive in his career, as he explains in his biography Lion heart. It was his mother’s father, whose name is one of the many tattoos that he wears, who also instilled in him a love of football. “He gave me a lot of strength and took care of me. I will always keep him in my heart,” he commented. He passed away when he was 15 years old, but his ancestry in him was key.

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