Without football but with a great future


ORna team that concedes a play goal in their last 15 games played and that had not trailed in the last two years, deserves recognition. There is no doubt that they did not reach the final of the championship Europe It is a stick and an important disappointment, but when the results do not arrive in the lower categories, it is time to give value to the players who will wear the elastic of the absolute team in the future.

And in the template that lost in Maribor in view of Portugal there are many of them. Time will put them in their place, which is none other than dressing The Red and representing Spain. This reality is reflected in the data provided by the team. Even losing, his football is brighter than that of the rival, with more chances to score, with greater ball possession and with more passes in decisive areas of the game. Only the goal was missing, something that leads to success, but it is not the only way to general recognition.

Looking to the future, Spain has been able to see that a goalkeeper with the personality of Alvaro Fernandez, capable of being without intervening during an entire meeting and saving his own in a second. It has also been seen that the center of the rear will be more than covered thanks to the intelligence of Basin or the ability to get the ball out of Guillamón. Even a rookie like Oscar Gil he left reasons for hope despite the defeat.

The factory that Spanish football has to extract talent is inexhaustible. Continental football has enjoyed the controls of Manu Garcia, its ease of hiding the ball and the ability to insert the leather where normal people do not even look. Bryan he has a future ahead in which only he can see the ceiling. There is no defense capable of stopping the Barbate when he faces. We can take our chest and say that we have players with characteristics in danger of extinction.

Did not come before Portugal, but there is something clear in our football. Spain he will not be left without a goal. Handful He has it as he has shown throughout his career and will take him to the absolute.

The Zubimendi class

Whatever happens in the final next Sunday and the player who wins the trophy for the best footballer of the championship wins, one thing is clear, no one will be able to show more football than they have shown. Martin Zubimendi on the green of Slovenia. Always well placed, intelligent when playing the ball, making his teammates better, freeing attackers from their duties, making life easier for defenders or imposing himself on each divided ball. He was disappointed with the loss to Portugal, but Martin they aim to be a world-class footballer. If he were Portuguese, Brazilian or French, they would fight to pay 50 kilos for him.

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