Write, on the red to Guti: “We would have to review this type of errors”


The franjiverde coach regrets that the defeat in San Sebastián leaves them “practically without options for failure” to save themselves

ANDhe coach of Elche, Fran Escribá, He avoided arguing about the expulsion of his player Raúl Guti in the 10th minute against Real Sociedad. A play that marked the future of the game, in which his team fell 2-0. A defeat that keeps the franjiverdes in decline three days from the end.

“I saw the play live on the field, I have not seen it repeated. Neither did the hand in an action by Carrillo, which the boys commented. I do not want to talk about it because I do not have the information,” said Escribá, who did say that “This type of action should be reviewed” such as Guti’s.

As long as the mathematics does not say otherwise, we believe

The Elche coach regretted that “a game already difficult in itself, more so with the expulsion“, the franjiverdes were put behind on the scoreboard by a goal from a corner.” I am happy and proud to defend phenomenally, with a great effort, against an opponent who was going to dominate you. But at the same time, I’m pissed off. We deliver the game on a set piece conceded. With a lock, it hurts more. It is to be angry, “he added.

Escribá affirmed that the result in the Reale Arena leaves the Elche box “practically no failure options“in the fight for permanence. He hopes that” direct rivals lose “in the rest of the day.” He will leave us some more option. But we must focus on us, “said the Valencian coach, who recalled that they have” a huge final “on Tuesday against Alavés.

Finally, Escribá endorsed his confidence and that of the players in salvation: “As long as mathematics says otherwise. We believe. The first thing the group has said is that you have to think about Tuesday. If we take out the remaining nine points, it gives us. But it will be difficult. “

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